Thoughts on Cavs v. Bucks

Welcome. The name's PJ Pandya and I just started a blog called "Don't Jinkes Me" at, an all-encompassing site about your Cleveland Cavaliers.

Anyway, I plan on writing regular posts about game reviews here. Similar stuff can be seen on the website, as well as additional pictures and videos and headlines. The plan is to build up a base among you die hard Cavs fans and I hope to hear honest opinions about my posts.



First, a Pregame Thought:

Cavs are a record 36 games above .500, but how did they get here? Mike Brown’s defense is the backbone that makes this team shine. And of course Lebron does everything. But Danny Ferry’s front office maneuvers have created this magnificent lineup that complements Lebron perfectly - AND FOR NOTHING!

KG and Allen were shipped to Boston back in August of 07. The Celts won the ‘Ship and Ainge won GM of the Year. Since then, GMs sought after big-name combos for their respective teams. The Lakers were able steal Gasol from Memphis and with players like Kidd, Marion, Shaq (twice) and Amare being available, the opportunities were there. But Ferry passed up on each, by choice or not.

Since the halfway mark of last season though, Ferry started to fix his earlier mistakes by orchestrating a colossal 11-player trade with Seattle and Chicago that:

1. Sent Drew Gooden, Shannon Brown, Cedric Simmons, and Larry Hughes to Chicago. Gooden will be the biggest loss in all of this, which is pretty good. And no mo Larry.

2. Sent Ira Newble and Donyell to the late Sonics.


3. Gave the Cavs Delonte, Wally, Ben, and Joe Smith.

Next, during the off season, and in a very underrated trade when it went down, the Cavs dealt Damon Jones to Milwaukee and Joe Smith to OK City for Mo Williams.

Now, Smith gets bought out and signs with the Cavs. This means Ferry got Mo Williams for Damon Jones. So, GM of the year anyone? Regardless of money, Mo Williams for DJ. That should seal it right there.

And by the way, Cleveland also has Chicago’s second round pick in the upcoming draft from last year’s trade.

And now on to the game …

Just some quick thoughts tonight:

The Bucks didn’t score more than 20 pts in a quarter, shooting 37%. The Cavs didn’t shoot much better, but great behind the arc (9-17).

D West has been stealing like he isn’t going to get caught (13 steals in the last 2 games). Tonight, Cavalier D scored 27 pts off turnovers.

Keith Bogans looks straight hood.

Did anyone else see Lebron score 23 points on 11 shots? I did. Also, since the last time the Cavs played the Bucks back on Feb. 20, James is shooting 57% from behind the arc! 26-46.

Last 3 games for Mo: 9-14 behind the arc, 65 pts.

Cleveland 6-1 so far during this ‘9 games in 2 weeks’ span that started with the Pistons back on the 22nd.

The Cavs owned the Bucks this year, a potential first round match up, going 4-0 and winning by an average of 11 pts.

Final: 91-73, Cavs. Statement game Friday against the Celts.

Final Thought: Even though it wasn’t a goal of theirs, Cleveland clinched a playoff spot on March 4.

Enjoy the ride.

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