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Cavaliers Summer Activities

My wish list for Danny Ferry this summer


Cavaliers Summer Activities

After Saturday’s wonderful game we all hope to see 15 more riveting victories and a parade down Euclid Avenue. However, teams must plan for the next season and I have compiled my wish list for Danny Ferry.

Here are the returning members of the Cavs:

At guard:                Mo Williams

                                Delonte West

                                Booby Gibson

                                Sasha Pavlovic

At forward:             LBJ

                                Big Ben


                                Darnell Jackson

At center:               Z

Assuming that AV opts out of his contract those are the know entities for 2009/2010.

In order of importance I would like the Cavs to:

1. Resign Joe Smith

2. Sign Jason Kidd, if he was really serious about playing here

3. Sign AV to a reasonable contract that does not hurt the 2010/11 bottom line too much

4. Resign Jawad Williams

5. Draft the best available center

6. Resign Wally

This leaves us with 15 players who are no worse than our current team (in fact, it is mostly our current team). We would add Jason Kidd for Tarence Kinsey and a young center for Wright. The roster then looks like: guards – Williams, West, Kidd, Gibson, Wally, and Pavlovic, forward – James, Wallace, Smith, Hickson, Jackson, and J. Williams; center - Illgauskas and Varejao.

Reasons for ordering the list as above: I am very much aware of the fact that AV brings more to the team long term than either Joe Beast or Kidd but I firmly believe that we can add more talent than AV in 2010 if we remain flexible. Therefore I prefer Joe Smith for another year over an overpaid AV who hampers the team down the stretch. In addition, I think that JJ and Darnell can together plug the hole left if Andy does not agree to a reasonable contract.

I would not mind a sign and trade for a very high draft pick for Andy either if it yields Hasheem Thabeet as a prospect at center.

Resigning Wally has moved down the list despite the fact that he played well for us this season. He can play SG, SF and a little of PF but each of the positions is already well represented on the roster as it is without Wally.

I really would like to see a trade along the lines of Sasha Pavlovic for Marc Gasol to shore up our center position long term. However, I cannot see why anybody would do this trade. In the unlikely case that Ferry pulls something like this off, we can scratch number 5 from above and draft the best available talent.

So, my preferred roster would look like this: guards – Williams, West, Kidd, Gibson, and Wally; forward – James, Wallace, Smith, Hickson, Jackson, and Jawad W.; center – Illgauskas, Gasol, and Thabeet. Plus one low draft pick (if we traded for the Thabeet pick)

Other interesting free agents are Chris Wilcox at PF, but we have too many at this position already, Nesterovic at center, but he would not help the age problem significantly, and guards Trevor Ariza, Anthony Parker, Mike Bibby, Andre Miller, and Ben Gordon some of which may be upgrades but each of them is just as debatable as adding Kidd (who said he would like to play here!)


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