Fear The Links - Tuesday 5/26

Fear The Links brings you the best Cavs news every day.  If you find any good Cavs stories online send them to me at buckeyebrad79@yahoo.com and I'll add them to the links.  Hope you enjoy!


Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Terry Pluto says the Cavs face the kind of test tonight that they haven't faced before.  If they lose, they're on their way to adding to the long list of Cleveland sports failures.
  • Brian Windhorst says the Cavs have a reason to be optimistic (as in, they can't keep playing this bad).
  • The PD reports today that the Cavaliers have signed an agreement with the Chinese investors mentioned in an article on Sunday.  The group, led by JianHua (Kenny) Huang, is buying 15% ownership of the operating company led by Dan Gilbert which owns the Cavs and Quicken Loans Arena.
  • Wally Szczerbiak checks in with another post in his playoff diary.

Akron Beacon-Journal

  • Patrick McManamon says the Magic and the media are baiting the Cavs, and Mo Williams took the bait.

Around the Internet

  • At the Orlando Sentinel, Brian Schmitz said that Game 4 is big for the Magic and George Diaz writes that the Cavs should be concerned about the Magic (you think?).  This "no respect" card from the Orlando media and fans is getting real tired.  The Cavs players, and any intelligent fans, knew that the Cavs were in for a tough series against the Magic.
  • Brian McPeek at TheClevelandFan.com says the Cavs need to start making open shots or the season is over.
  • At NBA.com, John Schuhmann writes about Mo Williams' guarentee and gives 5 keys to Game 4, while  Rob Peterson says the Magic shrugged off Mo's talk (as they should).
  • Charley Rosen at FoxSports.com talks about why the Magic should have lost game 3 and why they didn't (free throw shooting) and Michael Rosenberg says that Howard and 'Melo have something to say about that Kobe-LeBron Final everyone assumed would happen.
  • Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus says the Cavs are back to their old ways on offense (and that's not good).
  • Angleo Cerilli at The Bleacher Report gives an "unbiased" summary of the Cavs/Magic series, and I would say it is a pretty fair article. 
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