Game 6 - Who Needs Minutes & Who Needs To Sit

Finally, the Cavs get back to looking the way they did during the regular season - LeBron getting it done while getting support from his teammates. Mo finally came up and put up regular season numbers, Delonte was solid and Andy stepped up once again with the hustle plays.

Game 5 made it abundantly clear who Mike Brown needs to play more and who needs to sit more in order to repeat the success of game 5 over to game 6. Since tonight was positive, let's start with that...


Delonte West - he's the only other one besides LeBron on the team who has been remotely consistent. He's been killer in the post. Keep the kid playing, and he'll continue to hit the open jump shots when he has them.

Mo - finally looks like he stopped pressing so hard and relaxed tonight. Hopefully, he stays that way in game 6. No way you take away his minutes now.

Andy - goes without saying. His hustle plays can be the difference, from creating second shot opportunities to keeping Dwight in (relative) check.

Wallace - you get next to nothing from him on offense, but he's the best we got against Dwight in the paint, and needs to see more time on the court. Z is pointless in this series, he can't guard Dwight worth a lick. Let Ben spend more time on "superman" and hopefully that keeps him in constant foul trouble.

Joe Smith - was surprised he saw no action tonight. He may be old, but he can get it done on D and is not a hindrence on offense like Wallace is. I say let him play more in spurts for game 6, because there are definitely people that gotta sit more (more on that later)

Boobie - finally hitting the treys like he did for us two years ago, and against a trey-heavy team like the Magic, we're gonna need that streak to continue. He's not been bad on D, either.


Wally - did he do anything tonight? And yet Brown kept him in there for a majority of the 4th quarter, with the game on the line. He's not hitting his treys, and he looks timid out there. Have him sit so guys like Boobie, Mo and West can hopefully get hot and carry us to a game 7. We don't need guys like Wally wasting space out there anymore.

Z - outside of hitting the occasional jumper, Z is pretty worthless in this series. He's too slow and lumbering to guard Dwight, or anybody else on the Magic roster, and his shot has been inconsistent, yet Mike continues to give him massive minutes. We're better served to give those minutes to Wallace and Smith, who can actually guard, than on this lumbering, slow footed giant.

Sasha - keep him sitting Mike. He is cold and we face elimination from here on out. No need to roll the dice on him this point out.

LeBron - just kidding...well, sort of. He does need to get some rest at some point. Games 4 and 5 he was dragging, despite his heroics tonight. Having him sit a minute or two at the top of the 2nd and 4th quarters isn't going to kill our chances. Mike's gotta have faith in our bench players, like LeBron finally got tonight.


So more Wallace, Joe and Boobie, and less Z and Wally. Hopefully, Mike finally figures this out, something us fans have known since game 2!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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