2009 NBA Draft Open Discussion

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The 2009 NBA Draft is here, and might be the least exciting news of the day around the NBA.  First it was Shaq to Cleveland, then Vinsanity to Orlando.  Can anything that happens tonight even come close to that?

Get comfy, because the Cavaliers won't pick until #30, unless of course they make a move to acquire(buy) a pick from a less financially fortunate team.  Talk about the draft here!

The picks, as they happen, after the jump --

1.  Los Angeles Clippers -- Blake Griffin, PF -- Oklahoma
2.  Memphis Grizzlies -- Hasheem Thabeet, C -- UCONN
3.  OK City Thunder -- James Harden, SG -- Arizona State
4.  Sacramento Kings --  Tyreke Evans, SG -- Memphis
5.  Minnesota T-Wolves -- Ricky Rubio, PG -- Spain
6.  Minnesota T-Wolves -- Jonny Flynn, PG -- Syracuse
7.  Golden State Warriors -- Stephen Curry, PG -- Davidson
8.  New York Knicks -- Jordan Hill, F -- Arizona
9.  Toronto Raptors -- DeMar DeRozan, G -- USC
10.  Milwaukee Bucks -- Brandon Jennings, PG -- Compton, CA/Italy
11.  New Jersey Nets -- Terrence Williams, F -- Louisville
12.  Charlotte Bobcats -- Gerald Henderson, G -- Duke
13.  Indiana Pacers -- Tyler Hansbrough, F -- North Carolina
14.  Phoenix Suns -- Earl Clark, F -- Louisville
15.  Detroit Pistons -- Austin Daye, F -- Gonzaga
16.  Chicago Bulls -- James Johnson, F -- Wake Forest
17.  Philadelphia 76'ers -- Jrue Holiday, PG -- UCLA
18.  Minnesota T-Wolves -- Ty Lawson, PG -- UNC (HEADED TO DENVER)
19.  Atlanta Hawks -- Jeff Teague, PG -- Wake Forest
20.  Utah Jazz -- Eric Maynor, PG -- VCU
21.  New Orleans Hornets -- Darren Collison, PG -- UCLA
22.  Portland Trailblazers --  Victor Claver, F -- Spain
23.  Sacramento Kings -- Omri Casspi, F -- Isreal
24.  Dallas Mavericks -- BJ Mullens, C -- Ohio State (HEADED TO OK CITY)
25.  OK City Thunder -- Rodrigue Beaubois, PG -- Guadeloupe (HEADED TO DALLAS)
26.  Chicago Bulls -- Taj Gibson, PF -- USC
27.  Memphis Grizzlies -- DeMarre Carroll, F -- Missouri
28.  Minnesota T-Wolves -- Wayne Ellington, G -- UNC
29.  LA Lakers -- Tony Douglas, G -- Florida State (HEADED TO NEW YORK)
30.  Cleveland Cavaliers -- Christian Eyenga, G/F - Congo

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