Clippers 89, Cavaliers 114

Yeah...not too often a score like that makes the game look closer than it actually was.

Nitpickers will no doubt pat the Clippers on the back for outscoring the Cavs 28 to 16 in the third quarter. Well, there's a very easy method to accomplishing this.

1. Allow your opponent to score 46 points in the first quarter.

2. Fall behind by 28 in the second half and lull your opponent and the crowd into a dreamy stupor.

3. Play with playoff intensity to start the third quarter. Your opponent will be caught off guard, expecting you to just trudge on with despair. After scoring 10 straight points, your opponent will groan, get off their easy chairs, play token defense, and resume their demolition of you in the 4th quarter.

There is nothing positive Clippers fans can take from this game. Nothing. Your Cleveland Cavaliers broke the record for the most 3 pointers in the second half at 13-17, and finished the game shooting 59.6% from 3 point range. Every Cavalier finished +3 in the +/- column, including Danny, Cedric, and Darnell. Six Cavs finished at least +10. Six Cavs were in double figures. Everyone knew this game was going to be a lost cause for the Clippers when the Cavs started the game off hitting their first 4 three pointers.

LeBron James:  10-20, 5-6 3PM-A, 32 points, 11 assists, 40 minutes. In the first quarter alone, LeBron scored 23 points, more than all the Clippers in the first quarter, and more than Kobe scored all day today. He cooled off from that point on, and he could afford to.

Daniel Gibson: 5-10, 4-5 3PM-A, 14 points, 6 assists, 34 minutes. There is no way this boy can be anchored to the bench again when Mo and Delonte come back. It must not happen. Look at all the production we've gotten out of him since we played against the Thunder.

Anderson Varejao: 5-6, 11 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks, 30 minutes. Andy did a much better job staying out of foul trouble than usual in this game.

Shaquille O'Neal: 7-12, 16 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 31 minutes. I read a Laker post saying that Shaq dipped into a pretty much empty well to beat the Lakers. I'd like to see that Laker fan explain this string of solid games he's had while we've battled injuries. How many double doubles does Shaq have this season?

Our next game is against the Memphis Grizzlies. We've got a score to settle with them. They have to host the Lakers first, though. What is with teams having to play the Lakers and then us right afterwards?

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