Why doesn't Mike Brown see that Anthony Parker makes our team worse!?!?!?!


Dear Cavs fans,

         Initially, I didn't want to become an Internet hater who vomits selfish views and opinions on a blog/page website in a cowardice manner.  In the concern, that the Internet is full of people with their own hidden agendas and bias viewpoints.  What distinguishes myself with the rest of the haters is that I acknowledge that fact that I am an Anthony Parker hater!!  Not because of personal reasons but because I have loved the Cavaliers my entire life and as a team, we have one of the best chances to win the title other then any other team in the league.  Not too many teams can defeat us, however we very much can defeat ourselves.  Why does Mike Brown and the coaching staff continue to start and showcase a sub-level player?! I am amazed how many minutes he plays over other suitable players who are able to play defense and knock down big shots.  Did everyone forget that “Boobie” Gibson has and can knock down the three pointer (48.2 % Best in the League) and Delonte West plays excellent playoff worthy defense?

I am a followers of the rule “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!!  I do not like to dwell on the past but last season we won 66 games with the defensive minded starting line up of:.

1.Mo Williams

2.Delonte West

3. Lebron james

4. Anderson Varejao

5. Zydrunas Ilgauskas


Anthony Parker is in “NO WAY OR MANNER A GOOD FIT” for our beloved Cleveland Cavaliers.  I’m I the only one who see’s that he is a whining, heartless, defensive liability!!  Anthony parker brings absolutely NOTHING to the table.  Why doesn’t Mike Brown and the coaching staff see this?!?! 


Anthony parkers shooting average (7.3 ppg) is the second worse on our team among top ten players yet he continues to play major minutes in the heat of battle. Along with extremely poor decision making, missed catches, poor shooting percentage (field goals 43.7 %) timed wasted crying to the referees.  Wouldn’t it make since to sit Anthony Parker and place Antawn Jamison in place to feel comfortable in the system and not have a defensive liability on the court? It makes since to me that the starting lineup and majority or minutes should be:


1.   Mo Williams

2.   Lebron james

3.   Antawn Jamison

4.   Anderson Varejao

5.   Shaguille O’Neal


We treat Boobie and D.West like they are bums while giving Anthony Parker major minutes while the role should be reversed.  Why isn’t any one else talking about this, this will help the team tremendously? Give me your views and opinions,  tell me what you think?


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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