Cavs battle Raptors, injuries, win 3rd straight

Warning: I am literally drunk as I type this. Try not to take too much of what I say seriously.

Oh yeah.

The Cavs were playing a back to back night game, came into Toronto and won against the Raptors in overtime. Not an easy thing to do, and the Cavs haven't always been the best OT team in the world. We led by as many as 12, but didn't play defense for most of the game as the score was 33-30 at the first quarter and 60-60 at the half. It was a tight battle of will all game long, neither team led by more than i think 5, and down the stretch, the Raptors took the lead thanks to freaking Turkey Glue. But LeBron tied the game, Raptors missed the game winner, and the Cavs scrambled to outplay the Raptors in OT.

It was a really scary game right from the start. LeBron was hacked in the first quarter and went down, unable to get up. His knee was hurtin' and bothered him the whole game, but he made up for it with timely drives and drawing fouls. That's why we love him.

Cavs shining tonight:

LeBron James: 10-17, 15-16 FTM-A, 36 points, 9 assists, 44 minutes. He fought through pain, willing himself to the line and putting up one of his best free throw shooting performances in memory. 

Antwan Jamison: 8-14, 22 points, 11 rebounds, 46 minutes. By far the best offensive night for him as a Cavalier. His defense was better than usual too. However, his ft shooting left much to be desired.

Anthony Parker: 4-8, 10 points, 2 steals, +15 +/-, 42 minutes. The Associated Parker played one of his finest defensive games that I recall, including a crucial steal down the stretch. He played as well as and as fast as Varejao at some points, getting in people's faces.

Mo Williams: 8-18, 6-11 3PM-A, 22 points, 6 assists, 37 minutes. Oh Mo, whatever are we going to do with you? In OT, you stepped up to hit two straight 3 pointers to help put crucial distance between us and the Cavs. Have you found your shooting stroke at last? Or do you just wait until the final period to turn it up?

Anderson Varejao: 4-5, 11 points, 8 rebounds, 23 points. Poor Vareajao. With no Shaq or Z, a lot of weight was put on his shoulders, but he was able to share with a very diverse bench.

Delonte West: 5-13, 15 points, 4 rebounds, 30 minutes. Far and away our best bench player. His shot was off the mark for most of the game, but considering this game went into OT, we can say he made the shots he needed to.

Who do we play next? New York? I think so. We can win that game. If we can beat this friggin' team, how tough can the Knicks be? 

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