Looking ahead to Boston (poll included)

Well, it seems there's a fad going around, and it's called predicting your team's record at the end of the month. I was originally going to do that for our long home-game stretch, but we're halfway through it. So I'll just expand it to when we travel to Boston.


vs. NY Knicks

This won't be an attempt by the Knicks to audition for LeBron. Know why? Because everyone watching knows LeBron wouldn't join the Knicks because they're a better team. He'd join them because of the city they play in. Why else does the free agent talk only come up when the Cavs play at MSG? Outcome: Strong Cavs win

 vs. New Jersey

No one wants to play the Nets. It's very stressful playing this team. After all, everyone dreads the idea of losing and joining the razor-thin list of teams that have succumbed to the Nets! Outcome: Weak Cavs win

vs. Orlando

Yes, the Magic were playing without Rashard Lewis when we went into Orlando and routed the Magic. And since then, our offense has become much better coordinated and Shaq has fully integrated himself into the lineup. Vince Carter hasn't produced as much success for the Magic. And we're playing at home. Yes, we won't have Mo, but we should have Delonte.  Folks, even the Witnesses were able to beat this team in their own building. Outcome: Moderate Cavs win

vs. Denver

Now our schedule gets tougher, starting with a big challenge against the team that I think is the best in the west. They've already ran over the Lakers twice this season. Sometimes I wonder whether the Nuggets play better with Carmelo Anthony off the floor. Since we lost by 2 in Denver as a result of playing a poor offensive game, I'm going to give us the edge. Outcome: Very weak Cavs win

@ Charlotte

Oh dear. We still haven't figured this team out. Larry Brown has turned them into an eyesore for any team that plays them. Their defense has given us a lot of problems and their offense makes their games not much fun to watch. I don't know if Gerald Wallace will play in this game. If he does, it will be a weak Cavs loss. If he doesn't, it will be a weak Cavs win. After all, without him, the Bobcats couldn't do what they normally do...beat the Lakers.

@ Orlando

I really have no idea what will happen in this game. None. I think it depends very much on what happens in Charlotte. It also depends what the Magic do before they host us. For example, if they beat the Celtics on Sunday, that could be a huge confidence booster for them. And I don't think Mo Williams will be ready even by then. Outcome: N/A

vs. New Orleans

Chris Paul is what makes the Hornets go...and he will not play in this game due to a knee injury. Outcome: Moderate Cavs win

...which will then bring us to Boston. It's hard to see us going undefeated in this stretch. I would expect one or two losses, but no more than that.

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