Outside perspective on James

Hey Cavaliers, a die hard Blazer fan here. I've come to pay homage to the King. There is a lot of debate right now about who the best player in the league is. Kobe or LBJ is the consensus, but until now the rings on Bryant's fingers have kept him in the lead.

I call BullS**t.

LeBron is the better player, hands down. I wasn't sure until this season when he started lighting it up from long range. I would say Jordan-esque, but I think it's better than that. When he is in rhythm James' range extends 5-6 steps BEHIND the 3 point line. On top of that he is unstoppable off the dribble and an excellent passer.

Everyone says Bryant has the body of work but if you look at his game it consists of making difficult jumpers fading away in order to open up the drive and score, or drive and dish. Beautiful and rare play, but not unheard of. Jordan did it, and a whole generation of imposters have been trying to do the same ever since.

James is something else. He creates space to SHOOT by being faster, stronger, and unselfish, then becomes totally selfish when he catches fire, and rains jumpers in your face. Kobe is impossible to stop, difficult to contain, and at the top of his game. LeBron is impossible to stop, impossible to contain, and seems like he still has room to grow.

Championships are great, but they require a TEAM, and some luck. Or at least a lack of bad breaks, (see: Portland Trailblazer's injuries). That should have less bearing on the Greatest of all time than it currently does.

Bottom line. Jordan is still the best, but LeBron is starting to dominate games in a way that even MJ would struggle to do. In my opinion he will pass Micheal after he changes his number and wins a championship. You can't be your own player until you have your own digits, and you can't say your the best ever until you are the MVP of the championship team.

Good luck to you Mr. James, you will inspire a new generation of players to aim even higher, and eventually we'll be talking about someone trying to dethrone you as the greatest of all time.

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