"Time for the king to become an emperor!" (a message to LBJ & Cavs fans)

It is a given fact that in life, we have to get away from home early in our adulthood & venture out to the bigger world in order to grow-up, mature, & realize or achieve the best possibilities of life.


We then go back home upon retirement when all is said & done BUT NOT stay there, in that little world, all our lives.  That's simply life!


Hence, for LBJ, the more he stays home as the years goes by without winning a ring, then the more he'll get dogged as "never having the MATURITY & courage to venture outside the comforts of home."


However, this phenomenon does not strictly apply to LBJ, rather, it's a fact of life.


Meaning, how many times do we hear of extremely popular boys & girls in high school who simply stayed in the comforts of their hometown while the average Jane or Joe ventured out to a bigger world & became successful?


This happens quite frequently in reunions 10-20 years down the road!  


Hopefully, this fate doesn't befall the king who was the alpha jock back in his high school days.


But with the way the Cavs are built, he sure looks like on his way to this route given the fact that he's almost 26 yo. (only 8 more years of dominant basketball) while the elite teams of the NBA are getting better & that we're seeing more influx of younger superstars like Durant, John Wall, & etc. 


In short, it's time for the king to leave his hometown & venture out to the world to greater heights & become an emperor! 


Of course, that will hurt a lot of local folks that some will never forgive LBJ if he bolts out.


The question then is - will you also feel the same way for your child & hold him/her back or would you want the best for him/her via sending your child out & to "conquer the world?"


Of course, there's a big difference between sending your own child to the best college possible versus wanting your local sports hero to stay (will not forgive him if he bolts out)  since the athlete is not really your child.


Then it becomes an issue of selfishness as we then only want to satisfy "me, me, me" without regard for what's truly the best for our local sports hero who already gave us some of the prime years of his life.  Is that not enough?  


And so, it really is time for LeBron to leave his hometown & venture out to the world to greater heights & become a true emperor!


Cleveland folks then should be happy & support him 100% with this quest as it's akin to supporting your own child to be the best that he can be & achieve greater success!   


Now, just look at the most successful NBA players of all time.  Magic was from Lansing Michigan but found success in LA, Bird was from French Lick Indiana but found success in Boston, Jordan was from North Carolina but found success in Chicago, Kobe was from NJ but found success in LA, & the list goes on.


All these superstars were from some small town & so is LeBron!  Hence, it is just logical that the king goes to some big city to find his success much like these superstars.  


Bird & Jordan then went back home only after retirement because in life, we go back home upon retirement (when all is said & done) BUT NOT stay there, in that little world, all our lives.  


But look at NBA stars who went back home prematurely while their young career was flourishing BIG-TIME!

Does Stephon Marbury ring a bell?  


He had it going on with KG in Minnesota early in his career but opted to go back home to New Jersey because of the huge money thrown at him by NJ.  


Then what happened?  His young career went downhill from that point!


And that's why GP & Kidd never went back home even if the Bay Area (Oakland/San Francisco area) was making overtures throughout the years. 


Hence, it really is time for LeBron to move on to greater heights - & we should be not only supportive of him but more importantly, be THANKFUL of those & wonderful, exciting years he gave Cleveland!

"But where should the king go to become an emperor?"
Without a doubt, NJ have the most impressive delegation in Jay-Z, Avery Johnson, & that billionaire owner Prokov whose well-known around the world.  
In fact, Prokov is just the kind of guy who will not only mentor LBJ into becoming a billionaire too (which is LBJ's ultimate goal - to become  the 1st billionaire athlete!) but also, 
may enable James to par-up with Kobe's popularity worldwide especially in China,  the world's largest population who's folks are crazier about basketball than here in the U.S.  (The U.S just has to many sports & other gigs that basketball is not dominant.) 
If James captures China's market the same way Kobe has, then James will really make tons of money. 
Add Europe, India, & other countries where Prokov is known, then LBJ will really have it with this guy!
Whereas Cleveland, it's owner is only known locally, everything LBJ will have in Cleveland is small time!  
In Jay-Z & Avery Johnson, the Nets have the right combo of coach/entertainer [part-owner] for LBJ versus NY or Chicago's delegation (not unless Chicago sends Obama, he, he, he).
As for Miami, no way will LBJ go there since it's truly "Wade's house."
Overall, Prokov was very smart in hiring Avery as it then increases the likelihood of other top free agents getting attracted to go to the Nets not only of Prokov's money & fame but also, of having such a coach to play for.

"But if LBJ really wants to win now.."
And also win many more down the road, then Boston, Orlando, & Miami are the right places to go to though Orlando (inspite of having that ideal DOMINANT big man) is really out of the picture.   
In Boston, they are the only team that can match LA for years to come since the Big 3 still has 3-4 years of basketball left in them while their youngsters will be great teammates for a championship run for years to come.  Once the Big 3 retires, then Boston can add replacements via free agency, trades, or drafts.
Forget about last year's Cleveland sweep of LA.  The current Cavs team with LBJ wtill not be good enough to beat LA since the playoffs is a totally different beast.  That sweep then is merely a "fools gold."  
The road to the championship still has to go thru the mighty Lakers while the road to the East still has to go thru Orlando & Boston, both teams that easily beat the Cavs in the past 2 years - when Cleveland was "supposed" to win it all!  (The current Cavs team is basically the same that it's very unlikely they can beat either Orlando or Boston next year.)
Now if LBJ & Bosh goes to Chicago or NJ, they don't have additional skilled & physical biggies to match the Lakers while LA will have Kobe & Artest to match well with LBJ & Rose in Chicago, LBJ & another top free agent in NJ (as Prokov has tons of money to be able to sign another top FA.)
As for Miami, it may have Wade, Riley, & perhaps Bosh, but Kobe & Artest will also match-up well with LBJ & Wade while Gasol is simply longer & more skilled than Bosh.  The problem then is Bynum, who will match this improving & also skilled biggie especially when he's healthy?
Inshort, only Boston has the complete team (player by player) to match LA for years to come as evidenced by the 7 games NBA Finals though Miami with Wade, Riley, & Bosh will also be competetive.
The one main problem for Boston is money though that can be remedied with a sign & trade.
Meaning, the Cavs better not loose LBJ for nothing & so, a "sign & trade" with Boston will allow Cleveland to somehow get some good compensation.  All the Cavs need to do is talk to LBJ & for sure, LeBron will be amenable to this because he's not a bad guy at all for wanting to bolt out, he only wants to win!
For sure, he will do the best possible case to help Cleveland even on his way out.  This way, it will be a GOOD PARTING between the city & its superstar son.

"In summary"
And so, Cleveland better wise-up & settle to the fact that its superstar son SHOULD & MUST leave home for his own sake before it's too late for Cleveland!  That is, before LBJ bolt out without compensation simply because the Cavs never entertained the idea of a "sign & trade" in its futile attempt to retain LBJ.
But who should he Cavs ask for form Boston? 
Well, the C's really want to keep the Big 3 while it will be extremely foolish for the Cavs to go after 1 or 2 of the "Big 3."  
Instead, the Cavs should ask for younger players such as: Perkins, Davis, Tony Allen, Bradley (the draft pick), future 1st and/or 2nd round picks, Wallace expiring contract which can be traded for 1-2 good players from other teams or perhaps, future round picks, & perhaps even ask for Rondo!
Getting Rondo will enable the Cavs to trade him or Mo Wiliams (whomever they choose) for a good return!
However, including Rondo will be highly contentious as Boston really loves this budding superstar but they may think about it since they really will have to give-up some players in order to sign LBJ.
Perhaps including Shaq in the deal might do it for Boston since they really are desperate for a good big man while Cleveland should start thinking "rebuilding mode" the best & quickest possible way than loose LBJ for nothing! 
The bottom line: It's really time for Cleveland & LBJ to part ways but it should be in amicable terms whereby both parties benefits.
And indeed, it's time for the king to become an emperor either via winning multiple times & par-up with MJ & Kobe, or via Prokov - the guy who can can really make LBJ a billionaire.  
Overall, Cleveland CAN & SHOULD help their superstar son's ultimate goal as there's nothing better than to see than your own child succeed in the big stage! 
If LBJ stays in Cleveland & continues to loose, both Cleveland & its superstar son ultimately looses because the HURTFUL mockery of LBJ will continue such as: "LeQueen cannot win" (which is so stupid) while the taunt of "Cleveland as a city that never wins" will aslo continue which in itself, is also hurtful.
Whereas if LBJ wins in another place, then Cleveland (like a proud & joyful parent) will take PRIDE in it's superstar son who finally reach success.   It's really then in LBJ's best interest to leave his hometown & venture out. 
The ball then is truly in the king's court.  Will he go for the billions that hooking-up with Prokov brings, or will he go for winning multiple rings starting next year? 


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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