One more wacky "LeBron to LA or Boston" scenario

I know, I know.  You guys are tired of my wacky scenarios. 

But since LeBron has not yet signed with any team, then why not 1 more wacky scenario?  

This then, will be my last "stupid-a, dumb-a" LeBron in Boston or LA scenario.   

"The last scenario"

Let's say LBJ has come to an "agreement in principle" with the Bulls or Miami but hasn't signed yet so as to give Cleveland one last chance for a "sign & trade" so that it somehow helps Cleveland "rebuild" on his way out. (In short, better to get something in exchange than loose LBJ for nothing.)

After all, LeBron is not really the bad guy that a lot of people portrays him to be & thus, is willing to help Cleveland out but under one condition:

Trade me to Chicago or Miami, but you can also entertain offers from TRUE contenders if they will have better offer.

This way, it really helps Cleveland in rebuilding but also puts LBJ in a winning position NOW & multiple times down the road being the competitor that he is who wants to win now.

But LeBron will have the final say on which team he will approve a trade with.


For sure, Chicago will not offer Rose while Miami will not offer Wade.

Then in comes LA joining the LBJ sweepstakes since the Lakers NEVER stops & NEVER rest in obtaining the best players available even if they are already loaded with talents.

Thus, LA offers Artest, Odom, Walton, Brown, & Morrison ($29 mil. all-together).

Now, except for Morrison, that's a pretty darn good offer which the Bulls, Miami, or other NBA contenders cannot match talentwise! (Yet there's no way will LA offer their Big 3 of Gasol, Kobe, Bynum.)

Cleveland then may drop Morrison which is just fine with LA.


Should Boston counter-offer Perk, BBD, Rondo, & Sheed's expiring contract? ($23 mil. all-together)


And if Boston does counter-offer, which offer is better?


Can the other "NBA contenders" such as Orlando, San Antonio, Dallas, [& etc.] match Boston's or LA's offer?


And if it comes down to either LA & Boston since they have the deepest team & hence, the best offers, which team will LeBron tell Cleveland to pick? 

This wacky scenario may not be too far from reality if:

Suddenly, Bosh & another top free agent [say, Boozer] signs with Miami.

This happens because Pat Riley & the Heat can no longer wait on LBJ & that deep inside, they know LBJ will not play in "Wade's house" & become the "2nd guy."  And so, they sign someone else like Boozer.


Now that's why Chicago would've been the ideal place for them since it's neutral ground yet Wade won't commit to Chicago finding it hard to leave Miami.

Hence, Wade is the one to blame here but people are so hot on LeBron that they always blame him easily calling LBJ "prima-donna" or "VIP" - that the king always wants to be so important that he makes people wait.   

But to flip it around: "Wade, why don't you come to Cleveland & play with LBJ if you really want the 2 of you hooking up?"  You will be the "2nd guy!"

If the Cavs are over the cap, then why not agree to a "sign & trade" so as to hook up with your buddy LeBron?  

For sure, the Cavs would love to trade some of their players for you, all you  have to do is tell your boss Riley.  

But NO, Wade will not do that as he only wants it one way [come to Miami!] that he wouldn't even consider a neutral ground such as his hometown!  (But LBJ still ends-up as the bad guy!)


But anyway, LeBron then is screwed because wherever he now goes (Chicago, NY, NJ, the Clippers, or Cleveland) he won't stand a chance to win a ring not against top teams like LA, Orlando, Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, OKC, & that newly revamped Miami team.

If he hooks up with Amare in NY, it's still not enough to beat the aforementioned top teams.  

If he approves a trade to some top teams like Dallas or OKC, then Dallas will have to give up Dirk (while OKC will have to give-up Durant), then neither team with LBJ in it will be good enough to beat the top teams.  


Now this is why LA or Boston are the only 2 teams that has the best offers because Dallas, OKC, [& etc.] won't have anyone to offer (outside their franchise player) that can match LA or Boston's offer.

However, LBJ wouldn't want to go back to Cleveland knowing that the team they have will not be good enough for a ring - & that will be the same team for years to come since their players are signed for long terms yet they really are "untradable stars" (Jamison, Mo, Varejao, & etc.)

In essence, this is the main reason why LeBron's testing free agency instead of automatically re-signing with the Cavs for $30 mil!

Have the Cavs only been a true championship-contending team, he would've easily re-sign rightaway for $30 mil. versus testing free agency.

However, it's really HARD to honestly tell the team that drafted you & has played for all 7 years (let alone that it's your own home) that we really suck & I'm tired of it because I want to win now!

Hence, testing free agency is the easy way out.


"In conclusion"

The wacky scenario may become a possibility if LBJ gets left-out with no good choices for a championship team that his only choice is a "sign & trade" which in return will also help Cleveland.  In other words, there really is no way for LBJ to re-sign with Cleveland as it's really not a championship team, but he just can't say it direct.  

And so, a "sign & trade" is the best hope for Boston to land LeBron but expect a very stiff competition from shrewd LA.


Will LBJ then become Kobe's successor 3-4 years from now or will he be part of that old Celtic tradition?



I have a feeling he will go for the C's because like the case with Wade, he can't be playing in "Kobe's house" where he will be the "2nd guy."

Moreover, the C's have the best coach in the world to play for (good ol' Doc), someone who inspires & get the most out of his players & in return is well-loved & well-respected by everyone.  

Unlike Phil who has it made for him (both in Chicago &  LA) with so much talent that all he has to do is sit & relax, & let his players do the work.  


Furthermore, LBJ picked the C's over LA to win it this year because he likes the C's brand of game - PHYSICAL with emphasis on D.  Now that will truly fit his physicality!

Last but not the least, it is said that he likes the green color, & that he wore green back in high school.


For sure, no other green in the NBA looks better than the basic, classic Celtic green with the word "Boston" infront.

Now there may be other NBA green teams out there but Boston's simple logo is the best looking of them all & LBJ will look great in it!

At any rate, a "sign & trade" is the best chance for Boston to land LeBron.  And that goes for the Lakers too who can never be idle!




This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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