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OK, the year is coming to an end and maybe not the greatest year, record wise, plus that whole setting a losing steak record thing. YET as a true Cavs fan we look ahead and shake it off. We knew it was not going to be a great year, but big injuries did make it worse. Even with the second worse record in the NBA some good things did come out of this year; we got 2 lottery picks coming and some of our young players got a lot of minutes that they would not have if we weren't doing so bad. So don't worry we will be better next year, not playoff good, but be patient.

This is just my opinion of what we should do, please let me know any changes you would like.


We saw some young players grow up this year like Gee who i think is now a great back up for SG/SF. Also Samuels turned into a beastly back behind Hickson. Sessions, Eyenga, Hollins and Harris all did good and really helped us out. That being said I think Eyenga and Harris can be role players with limited minutes going into the future. Hollins should put some weight on over the summer, then will be a good back up behind Wild Thing. Sessions, he is a great player but I have never been big on PGs that look first to score which I think he is.

There is a lot to do over the summer with trades and the draft. First, I think Jamison is a must go because of his contract, also i think we can package sessions and Jamison together and get something good. Plus of course we have the money to throw out there. I know some people think we should try and get more draft picks for this year's draft. I don't think there will be much worth out of the top 20 or 25. So I say wait until a stronger draft to cash it all in.

Pre-draft we should see if we can trade for a good SG. We have plenty of PF with HIckson, Samuels and Luke. Center is ok for now, with Wild Thing, Hollins and Erden. For PG and SF the draft is full with them, but weak with SG. So if we can get a good SG with some combo of Sessions, Jamison, money and our extra players like Eyenga, Harris, Luke and Erden, thats great, if not we work hard to get one in the draft. Also some people have said Wild Thing is out for trades; the only way we should trade him is if we trade him with someone else and get a great starting center, if not keep him.

Its hard to really predict the draft cuz so many things can happen with the lottery drawing and kids staying in school BUT if it goes as is I like drafting first pick (which will be top 3) either Barnes or Irving. Second pick (looks to be 8-12) either Kemba or Kawhi from SDS (of course off setting PG with SF) and if we cant trade for a good SG im ok with trading second round pick and sessions or some money for first round high enough to get Burk (Colorado PG/SG). I think right there would be a great draft. Irving or Kemba either could be PG of future, with some teaching of course. Barnes is good as you know, but I would be fine with Kawhi. A long athletic SF who can really defend get alot of rebounds and shoot just fine. Burk played a lot PG, but he looks for like a SG, who can just flat out score.

Yes I know we need to trade Davis, but I think we should keep Davis until midway the season. That way he can teach Irving or Kemba and give Irving/Kemba a chance to ease into a starting NBA PG spot. Then trade him to a team looking for a late season boost and get a draft pick or something.

I am one who wishes starters would get more minutes, get the number of people that high minutes down and stop moving people around.This way people like Gee, Gibson and Samuels can get use to there spots. That's why I would like to see by the end of next season the starters playing 30ish minutes with backups playing 20ish. Also I think Gee can sub in for SG or SF and Gibson can sub in for PG or SG, which will give us many different combination of those 5 guards to play.



So next years Depth Chart:

PG: Davis, Kemba/Irving, Gibson (until davis trade then just slide up)

SG: Burks, Gee, Harris

SF: Barnes/Kawhi, Eyenga (low mins)

PF: Hickson, Samuels, Luke

C: Wild Thing, Hollins, Erden


Also sorry about the stupid poll I just always wanted to do a poll :)

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