Just thought I would throw some thoughts about the off season, since there is nothing else going on here.

Kyrie Irving:

Irving, no brainier locked in #1 no trading or anything. He is the best player even though we haven't seen much of him. For the reasons why Irving is so highly regarded see article previously posted by PanMan321. Even though Irving will be great he wont start off great(injured for most of the season) which is fine because we have the best situation for him. We don't expect to be a contending team for years(3-5 playoffs in 2) and we have a really good veteran PG that we have for one more season. I say the first season(if we have one) keep Davis the starter and majority of minutes. Davis came in and completely changed the mind set of our team and vastly improved it. Let Irving come of the bench and really learn Scott's system and learn from Davis how to be a good PG and leader. Davis has 2 more years in his contract which means that next off season he will become Jamison. If he starts or play a lot this upcoming season and does well he will be extremely valuable, we can use Davis with either a pick or another player to jump as close to the top of the draft as we can, to get one of the top SG or SF. Then once we trade Davis away Irving can step in as the leader.

Other Picks:

Right now we have 4 picks in the draft, after #1 the Cavs FO has shown that nothing is certain. It seems that there will be a real big deal go down on draft day or right before it, so its hard to judge what to do because we have no idea what picks we will have when its all said and done. There are many names out there that we could try and trade for(Rip, Gay, Ellis, Iggy). IMO it looks like there going to trade for a good young SG(Ellis or Iggy hopefully) and if we still have our last pick were going to draft a combo guard(we worked out 3 players projected to be second round/undrafted Cory Joseph, Diante Garrett and Cory Higgins all either PG or combo guards) to eventually develop in to a great back up for Irving and SG. Which IMO is a pretty good idea(*even though i haven't researched the player they worked out).

When the big trade is done the Cavs wont just have the #4,whether its the number #2 instead or #4 and another pick or no pick and a big name SG, who knows. Yet if we have the #2 take Willliams, #4 Kanter, or a pick from #8-11 its hard to judge, depending on if they got much interest for JJ or what other players we already have gotten. If we get Kanter, I know some people have said to trade Andy, but I think thats jumping the gun, all players coming out of the draft have a risk. If we trade away Andy and Kanter isn't as good as we thought then we are set back a couple years. Even if Kanter is as good as we believe he wont hit the ground running at peak performance.

As the first second round pick I like Parsons after some time in the D-league, could be a back up SF on a Championship team. I think Diebler and Lighty are good also, but seems like there going undrafted (lighty has a better chance of getting drafted).


With possibly 4 draft picks, maybe one undrafted player and a trade, we're running out of space. Clearly we need to trade Jamison which should be easy. Also with Irving coming in and one more season of Davis, Sessions is the odd man out, he did very well this season and is valued higher than usual. I think a team that could use him is Lakers because they need a heir to Fisher, but idk what they have that we could get. Also with the TPE and every player trade able (JJ and Andy deal need to be huge) we have many option this off season.

With 4 picks already in a weaker draft, IMO we dont need anymore picks. The only way I would be ok with another pick is if we don't get a SG through trade and get another first round for Klay Thompson, Alec Burks or Marshan Brooks. Other than that situation we should use our assets to get a SG or draft picks in the 2012 or 2013 draft(hopefully the SF packed 2012)



Please any thoughts on?

-Who should we trade for?

-Who should we draft in the second round?

-Who should we trade from our team?


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