Kyrie Irving Thinks Cavaliers Can "Definitely" Make Playoffs

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Kyrie Irving isn't satisfied with losing anymore. He wants to make the playoffs this year -- and believes the Cavaliers have the talent to do just that.

The reigning Rookie-of-the-Year spoke with the Hooligans on ESPN 850 WKNR about playing for team USA, growing as a point guard and his lofty expectations for this year's Cavalier squad:

"I have high hopes for us. Obviously our number one goal is to make the playoffs this year and we’re definitely going to attain that as long as we continue to get better and as long as we compete every single night. Last year, like I said, we had a few limitations but when we were playing those good teams, especially in the second half of the season not having the pieces we needed to compete every single night with the best, it definitely hurt us but this season we added some new pieces and I feel like everybody is definitely taking that next step and getting better as a pro. I’m really excited to get the thing started. I’m healthy, Andy is healthy, Dion (Waiters) is healthy so I’m just happy to see where this thing can go."

The Cavs... in the playoffs? Sure, it sounds crazy (and some Cavs fans might not care for it) but if everything goes right and Tristan Thompson improves and Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller are solid contributors and Anderson Varejao doesn't suffer a season ending injury for the third straight season and...

OK. Maybe it is crazy. I don't really expect the Cavs to make the jump to the postseason just yet. But what's Kyrie supposed to say? "Meh, I think we'll win between 25-35 games and hopefully we'll jump in the lottery"?

Good for you, Kyrie. Dream big. Aim high. Maybe playoff expectation aren't that crazy. But I would take Kyrie's judgment with a grain of salt, I mean, just look at this [emphasis added]:

That’s what it is going to come down to is me leading this team on and off the court along with Andy (Varejao) and Luke Walton. Just being ready every single day and continuing to get better."

LUKE WALTON??? I hope with all my heart that not one thing in this upcoming season comes down to Luke Walton.


And with that, I've made my first post for Fear the Sword. Hi, Cavs fans! My name is Ben Cox and I'm your newest Fear the Sword blogger. I've been blogging about these Cavs for a number of years now, at various places like, and my personal blog, Currently, I'm a Weekend Editor at the fantastic Cleveland sports blog, Waiting for Next Year and I'll also be contributing to the upcoming CavsZine3. If you want to get a feel for my style, I'd recommend checking out these totally super awesome articles. Feel free to yell at me on Twitter, @BenCox83. Go Cavs!

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