Cleveland Cavaliers Season Preview Questions: Biggest Disappointment?

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With just one day until Opening Night, Fear The Sword continues to run down some crucial questions heading into the 2012-13 Cavaliers season. This question deals with something a little less positive. What will be the Cavaliers' biggest disappointment?

We are just over a day away from the opening tipoff of the 2012-13 NBA season. Naturally, we have to answer all of these questions surrounding the team before the seasons starts instead of just waiting and seeing what happens.

The Question:

What will be the biggest disappointment of the Cleveland Cavaliers season?

The Answers:

David: I will give a cop-out answer here and say the biggest disappointment will be when the Miami Heat win the title again.

Ben: Tristan Thompson's lack of offensive game. I hope I'm wrong.

John: Tristan Thompson having a very rough second season.

Patrick: Alonzo Gee. I definitely don't want this prediction to come true, but I think a lot of people have overestimated how good Gee was last year. He was solid, no doubt, but his defense was vastly overrated in my opinion. Just because he's athletic doesn't mean he's a good defender. I saw him get blown by on many an occasion, and I don't recall any particular instances of defensive prowess from him. He's an athletic freak who had a fluke year shooting the ball; have you actually watched him shoot the ball? It's not pretty. He struggles to put the ball in the basket from close range, although he does seem to draw fouls at a good clip. His handle is shaky. He settles for step-back fading jumpshots too often. I have a feeling he may even lose a majority of his minutes to Omri Casspi by the middle of the season.

Angelo: Andy's getting traded. With Zeller and Thompson, Andy's now taking playing time away from two young cornerstone players. Plus, with his recent trend of injuries, I think it's happening sooner rather than later.

Boosh: I'm not sure how big of a disappointment this will be, but I think the saddest moment of the season will be when Andy Varejao gets traded. I don't expect Cleveland to get anywhere near what he's worth in the seemingly inevitable trade, and that will be incredibly disappointing.

My take:

The biggest disappointment of the Cavaliers' season will likely be a combination of things. I know that's a cheap answer, but I'll sum it up by saying "the trade deadline." Why will that be the biggest disappointment? Because there's so much potential for the Cavs to make a splash and move some of their assets -- and I don't think it happens. Anderson Varejao could get traded, but I doubt they get much more than a mid-first round pick. They have all that cap room, Luke Walton's expiring deal, and Dan Gilbert's willingness to spend -- and I'm afraid they don't get much to show for it. Josh Smith in a contract year could be a target. Rudy Gay could finally get traded. Danny Granger may be on the market. In the end, I think we're all underwhelmed by the Cavaliers' trade deadline exploits and end up having to wait until the summer for any serious moves to be made.

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