Andy Varejao Talks All-Star game, his season and trade rumors.

What's up Cleveland!

My Name is Guilherme Müller, and I am a huge Cavs fan from Brazil.

So, Anderson Varejao is playing just out of his mind right now, and I think that all of us agree that he should be not just on the All-Star game but, in the starting lineup as well.

The Wild Thing recently gave an exclusive interview to ESPN Brasil and talked about the Cavs' record, his season, the All-Star game and trade rumors.

This interview came out on November 30th and was written by Gustavo Faldon. All the rights go to him and ESPN Brasil.

Thanks guys!

Varejao minimizes chances of All-Star and doesn't want to get traded.


"Team Player". This is maybe the best definition for Andy Varejao. "The Wild Thing" is playing the best basketball of his career with averages of 14,5 points (career high), 14,9 rebounds (leads NBA), 1.5 steals and 77,8% on free throws (both career highs). But his focus is not on stats, he only cares about one thing: the team.

When asked if he thinks that he's having his best season on the 12-13, Varejao left his personal performance aside. "If you look at the stats and minutes, of course. But the team is more important to me and we're not doing so well. It's being hard because we are not winning".

One of the main reasons of the Cavs' bad record is the fact that the reigning rookie of the year Kyrie Irving is hurt and should miss more 3 weeks.


"One of our best players is hurt. We lose a lot without him (Irving) on the floor. It's a little of bad luck, not only on this year, but in the past 3 we’ve had problems in this area. I was hurt last year and the year before. Now I feel 100%. Every athlete plays with some kind of pain here and there. But so far is being a good year", said the 30 years old Brazilian. "We are very close and talk a lot. We know our limitations, our qualities. We talk a lot about that. Our team is good, it really is. We are young. This is an adaptation phase, I think" completed.

Andy has a good chance on being the first Brazilian to make the All-Star team. But the Cavs' player ensures this is not a concern. "I think there's a long way 'till February, my focus right now is getting better as a team and try to make the playoffs. But if it does happen, would be really cool".

In an All-Star worthy season, the trade rumors that always involve him came back. Given that Cleveland will hardly make the playoffs and contending teams would be looking for a guy like him. But the Espirito Santo native was clear on where he want to play. "At the moment I see myself in Cleveland, I'm well, I'm adapted. We are not winning right now, but the team has a lot to improve, for sure. I do not control this kind of thing (rumors), I just let it happen. If I do get traded, what am I going to do?".

When asked if he wishes to be traded and leave the Cavaliers, he didn't hesitate. "No, I'm good here".

To see the original story in Portuguese Click Here.

fallow me @gmuller13

Go Cavs!

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