DeMarcus Cousins is.....

An athletic beast? Yes.

A young, productive NBA player? Absolutely.

One of the highest-potential big men in the league right now? Sure.

A total headcase on/off the court, and frustratingly impossible to decipher? No question.

A future Cavalier? ....Well...maybe...?

Here's an excerpt from Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus, describing the Cousins situation from Sacramento's perspective:

The team's play without Cousins is most relevant as ownership and president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie consider possibly dealing their troublesome star prior to the trade deadline, a task already complicated by the difficulty of finding a partner willing to offer value for Cousins. To stay afloat the rest of the season and balance the roster, Sacramento would need to get frontcourt help as part of the return package.

Now bear with me for a second while I go on a wildly hypothetical tangent.

Just based on the last sentence of Pelton's quote, my mind immediately jumped to the Andy Varejao trade dilemma. Trade him? Don't trade him? Don't trade him unless the front office is extremely satisfied with the assets received in return? I was initially in the camp #1. And then Andy started playing out of his mind, and I migrated to camp #2. Then I eventually settled somewhere near camp #3. Everyone has their opinions on the subject (and strong ones, at that), so the following will be an "If they're going to trade Varejao, and Cousins truly is available" hypothetical situation. (Also contingent on Chris Grant and Coach Scott's confidence in their ability to get/keep his head right.) Take a look at the following trade:

Varejao for Cousins, +Filler

This was sort of a middle-ground idea for a proposed trade that both sides might find amenable. Obviously the centerpieces of the trade will always be Andy and Cousins. Andy provides the frontcourt help the Kings would look for in a trade of Cousins, at a VERY reasonable salary for 2 1/2 more seasons, and could provide some of the heart, hustle, and leadership that the Kings seem to lack as currently constructed. Taking back Salmons' contract, and throwing in Luke Walton's expiring deal are just sweeteners for Sacramento. (And the Salmons piece can't be ignored when you think about how atrocious his contract is, and how broke the Maloofs are. He's making roughly the same salary as Varejao, on an equal-length contract, with a MUCH lower level of production. Not to mention, Cousins is going to want near-max money in the very-near future.)

Inserting Boobie in-place-of or in-addition-to Walton, offering only to take back Francisco Garcia's (pretty bad, but not Salmons-bad) contract, possibly including Gee instead of Walton(?), etc. are some of the semi-minor tweaks I came up with. Obviously, any/all of these scenarios could be supplemented or altered with a pick or two (including returning the Kings' protected pick that they owe us).

Now, I realize that the Kings aren't going anywhere this year (and probably next), and they know it, too. So, would they want Varejao? I have no idea. But he would immediately be their best player, could provide some mentoring (VETERAN LEADERSHIP!!!) for Thomas Robinson, and salary relief (bad current contracts/Cousins' next contract). They would at least have to listen, right?

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions, criticisms welcome and encouraged.

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