Draftwatch- A look at Jeff Taylor, John Henson, and Terrence Ross

As I watch the Cavs get blown out by a good Hawks team, and put off doing real life things, I have decided there is no time like the present to start looking at a few prospects that might help us be a bit more competitive. I will hopefully cover about 15 players by draft time. I will be relying pretty heavily on Chad Ford's analysis.

Jeff Taylor, SF. Vanderbilt. 6-7, 225. 22 years old. Ford rank: 18. Hollinger PER: 24.2

ceiling: Andre Iguodala

Things that I really like: He is a very athletic guy, who produced in a reasonably tough conference. He averaged 16 points a game, and was a relatively efficient shooter for a wing with almost 50% shooting. He has worked to improve after a few years in college of having a three point shot that was non-existent.He shot over 40% this year from beyond the arc. He will be an excellent perimeter defender, rebounds enough, and he plays hard.

Things that are worrisome: He is a bit old at 22, doesn't create his own shot, and when he tries to he turns the ball over a little too much.

Where he fits in with the Cavs: Good lord I would love adding a player like this, particularly if Bradley Beal was also coming on board. With Irving, Taylor would not have to worry about creating his own offense or shot. We have seen from Gee's flashes how much fun athletic wings can look with Kyrie in Coach Scott's offense. He would be an likely be an upgrade of Gee. It isnt very likely that Taylor will still be available when the Cavalier's Lakers pick comes around, unfortunately. If we somehow end up with the 12th pick or something, and Barnes, Beal, MKG, and Lamb are already gone I would consider taking him there, but thats hard to justify.

John Henson, PF. North Carolina. 6-10, 210. 21 years old. Ford rank: 15. Hollinger PER: 25.4

ceiling: I can't really think of anyone. I really worry that he is Brendan Wright, who isn't terrible, but definitely isn't good.

Things that I really like: He is very versatile, and guards multiple positions. He works incredibly hard and rebounds well. He blocks shots. Chad Ford compares him to Andrei Kirilenko.

Things that are worrisome: He has to put on some weight. like, a lot of it. The NBA is a man's league and while he will have the quickness to guard 3's in the NBA, he doesn't really shoot the ball well enough to play a wing position in the NBA. If he wants to be a 4 he will have to be able to assert himself, and at 210 pounds that will be difficult.He doesn't make free throws.

Where he fits in with the Cavs: With Tristan Thompson, he kind of doesnt. I like him as a player but an athletic shot blocker who rebounds, cant make free throws already wears a jersey for the Wine and Gold, and Tristan is actually younger. Still, you can never have enough young athletic guys who work hard all of the time. Seems like a great guy character wise too. I can't see us targeting him with our pick, and he wont be available by the time the Lakers pick comes around.

Terrence Ross, SG. Washington. 6-6, 190. 21 years old. Ford rank: 20. Hollinger PER: 20.86.

Things that I really like: You can't teach size, and i really like Ross's height. He is a good shooter, defends, and showed a lot of improvement this year when he got extended minutes. He is a good rebounder, getting over 6 a game. He is athletic, though I don't think he will be in any dunk contests. He isn't the most efficient scorer but he does attack the basket.

Things that are worrisome: His team wasn't very good, despite also having Tony Wroten, another guy who will go in the first round. He played in a bad conference. Not always assertive offensively.

Where he fits in with the Cavs: If he is still available when the Lakers pick comes up, and it is a possibility, he could make an excellent backcourt partner for Kyrie Irving. Can handle guarding bigger wing players. Obviously we want one of the top tier wings to play with Irving, but I don't know how far behind Ross is from those guys. Bottom line: He is better than what we have now.

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