Draft Watch: Profiling Arnett Moultrie and Jae Crowder

In an effort to profile all the possible prospects that might be available to the Cav's with their 3 later picks, I'm writing this add-on to the previously written profile's by Davidzavac.

Someone in the last draft thread mentioned possibly/probably needing to take a center with the Laker's pick. I agree in theory, though there are only a couple guys I like around that range that I would actually want.

Arnett Moultrie - 6'11 PF/C -- Mississippi

Pros- Arnett's been scouted alot for a while and with good reason. He's really tall, really long, and really athletic. He started at UTEP and transferred to Mississippi after his sophomore year. One of the things I like most about him is his shooting percentage's over those three years. His FT% went from 53%, to 65%, to 78%. This tells me he puts in work and it has results. His midrange jumper has improved considerably and he even made 6-13 from 3 this year. This could qualify him as a stretch 4/5 in the future which could really open up Kyrie's driving lanes. He can finish too on cut's, offensive rebounding, and alley-oops quite well. It does sound like he relies on finesse a little too much though. On rebounding, he's very very good. He averaged 10.5 a game and 3.7 of those were offensive boards. I once heard (in relation to Kenneth Farried last year) that rebounding stat's in college correlates to NBA success in that area more than any other number. Lastly, he's shown to be a very good perimeter defender.

Cons- Not always motivated. He goes through lazy stretches where he more or less checks out mentally. This hasn't been as big an issue as it was in the past but it's till there. He's also not that great posting up. He's tall and athletic so he should be able to develop a post up game but at the moment, he doesn't have a whole lot going in that department. He doesn't block shots and he's not a very good post defender. He weighs 220 lb at the moment so he'd need to add like 20 pounds of muscle before he could even hope to defender an NBA post player. And finally, he called his team out for being selfish. That could go either way. Either he's a bad teammate, or he wants to be a good teammate but nobody else is and it frustrates him. Not sure there. His team lost in the first round of the NIT even though he scored 34 points.

I really like him though. Mock drafts have him going anywhere from 7th to 26th (draftexpress has him going to the Cav's) so his and other people's workouts will probably establish what range he should really go to. I feel like he'll land somewhere in the 16-25 range at the moment. Thus, we'd probably have to trade up to get him.

Jae Crowder - 6'6 SF -- Marquette

Pros-Jae's a senior who's technically the team's PF but he doesn't really have a position. I mean that in the best possible way. He guards all 5 positions on a regular basis and he does a very good job of it. Except when Bradley Beal is torching his team in the sweet 16. That didn't go so well. Under normal circumstances though he's a very good individual defender and a very smart team defender. He'll funnel people into help defense if he can't keep up with them and overall, he's just a smart kid. In order to go to Marquette, he had a weird bit of obstacles to overcome. His first year of college was a an unaccredited college and he didn't realize that his credits wouldn't transfer. In order to go to Marquette, he made up 2 years of school in a 1 year period. To sum up: He. Works. Hard. He can shoot the 3 reasonably well (35%), can score off cuts and posting up, which should help in the NBA as there are like 2 SG's that actually post up total. 2's don't know how to defend the post. In short: he won't be creating any offense but he won't be a liability with his ability to shoot and slash at the right time

Cons- He's athletic, but he can't jump all that well. No Gee style dunks or anything going on from him. He'll have to transition to the 2/3 but I don't think that'll be a big deal at all. On offense he'll probably be more of a spot up shooter anyways. On defense he'll take a wing player which he's done his entire college career. His shooting percentage isn't bad but it's not spectacular. He's already got a good base though so making himself a respectable 3 point shooter should just take work, which he's shown he's willing to put in.

The best part is he's supposed to go in the 40's. I think he'll climb 5 to 10 spots after workouts but still, we've got 2 picks in the range. For a 2nd round pick, he seems very safe. It kind of reminds me of the Chandler Parsons situation. You knew he was gonna be at least reliably decent, yet he fell to the bottom 3rd of the draft. The cav's need an ACTUAL backup 2/3 and I think he'd be able to fill in quite nicely from day 1. Seniors generally come into the league more prepared than younger guys. Generally

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