Draft Watch: Moe Harkless, Fab Melo, and Tony Mitchell

This is the 3rd installment of DBrimstone and I's look at some of the guys the Cavs could bring in with the Lakers pick. As of today, the Ramon Sessions led (lulz) Lakers sit at 31-20, which would give Cleveland the 25th pick in the draft. They are about to go through a soft spot of their schedule before finishing the season with multiple games against San Antonio and the Oklahoma City Thunder. In all likelihood, the pick will be somewhere between 23-26. I can't see them losing much ground, but they probably wont catch the Heat, Spurs, Thunder, or Bulls. So lets look at some potential Cavaliers.

Moe Harkless, SF. St. John's. 6-8, 190. 18 years old. Ford Rank: 27. Hollinger PER: 21.06

Warning: I love Moe Harkless. I would be ok with the Cavs drafting him over Jeff Taylor, another guy I am high on.

Ceiling: Tayshaun Prince?

Things that I really like: The guy is 18. He had a solid PER, he works hard on both ends of the floor. He played 36 minutes a game on a team that went through a lot of turmoil with Steve Lavin going through health issues. He rebounds, grabbing almost 9 a game. He is an athletic guy, and Chad Ford wrote that if he had a jump shot he would be a lottery pick. He is 18 years old, and has plenty of time to develop a functional shot. Plus, with Kyrie and possibly Brad Beal, Jeremy Lamb, or Harrison Barnes, to go with Alonzo Gee, three point shooting won't be something we absolutely need right away. In the meantime, he is already a great finisher. He was the Big East freshman of the year.

Things that are worrisome: He needs to put on some weight. He doesn't always put forth amazing effort defensively. I would be willing to cut him some slack on that one due to playing so many minutes as a freshman and having a lot of inconsistency on the coaching staff. Add that to being on a mediocre team and attention to detail could be difficult for a college freshman. as touched on above, he can't really shoot, at 44% from the field for the year.

Where he fits in on the Cavs: He isn't as ready to contribute as a guy like Jeff Taylor might be, and he might try Byron Scott's patience a little bit. But if he worked on his jump shot, committed himself in the weight room, and showed a willingness to rebound, he could get 20 minutes a game next year. Remember, we give serious minutes to Luke Walton and Omri Casspi right now. Show some patience with this guy and he could really be a solid rotation player. He is agile, and has the quickness to become a solid defender.

Fab Melo, C. Syracuse. 7-0, 274. 21 years old. Ford rank: 36. Hollinger PER: 20.40

Ceiling: Kwame Brown (meant in a nice way)

What I like: He could be a competent big guy who defends well. He can run the floor well. He clearly made Syracuse a better defensive team, but playing in a zone offense its not entirely clear how well we can guard individuals. He would hopefully understand rotations from working in that environment. He shot a respectable 63% from the free throw line this year, and had an above average PER despite doing most of his damage on the defensive side of the ball.

What I don't like: He isn't a dominant rebounder. He is already 21 and has yet to develop much of an offensive game. Improvement from year 1 to year 2 was nice to see, but it didn't carry over to the classroom. Not an athletic freak, or really all that athletic at all. Competent, but doesn't have a part of his game that jumps out at you.

Where he fits in with the Cavs: Better than Semih Erden, right? Maybe? Hopefully? I would be ok with this pick if we keep/use the Hornets pick or our own second rounder. Do we need a Center? Of course. Really badly. Don't know if this is the answer. I know its a little unfair since I just raved about the raw Harkless but if we have too many "project" players on the team, Coach Scott may go insane.

Tony Mitchell, SF. North Texas. 6-8, 220. 19 years old. Ford rank: 30. Hollinger PER: 28.38

Ceiling: Ron Artest? Derrick Williams?

What I like: Athletic, plays hard, shoots better than you would think. Excellent rebounder. Can guard a few positions. Really great in the open court, strong finisher. Expected to have really strong workouts. My guess is his measurables will good, but he may struggle at first against better players competing to get taken in the first round.

What I don't like: Doesn't really pass, might be a 3-4 tweener. Another guy with academic issues. Ball-handling is poor, turns the ball over too much. Hasn't played great competition. Not sure if he is committed to the defensive end, and probably hasn't been challenged defensively, either.

Where he fits in with the Cavs: There is really some good SF depth in this draft. He would be a project player but would be infinitely more fun to watch than every SF we have right now other than Gee. I really just want to take athletes, and Mitchell fits that requirement easily. Guys that can run with Kyrie, slash to the basket and finish, would really help.

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