NBA Trade Deadline: Ramon Sessions To Lakers?

Mar 5, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Ramon Sessions (3) scores a layup against Utah Jazz point guard Jamaal Tinsley (6) in the fourth quarter at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The NBA trade deadline has been eerily quiet thus far for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the rest of the teams in the league, for that matter. The Los Angeles Lakers always have their fans talking about ways to make moves in order to keep their team atop the Western Conference standings. While fans are dreaming of Dwight Howard donning purple and gold, it seems more likely that the Cavs' Ramon Sessions switches jerseys at the deadline.

We've known for a while now that Sessions is on the trade block but still haven't heard much more about him. We know that the Cavs want a first round pick for him and that there are several teams interested. As the deadline approaches in just under a week (March 15th), we'll turn to my expert speculation (if that exists) to see where I think Razor Ramon ends up on March 16th.

Los Angeles Lakers -- 45%

This is the destination that makes the most sense in my mind. They have two first round draft picks and are probably the ones in most dire need of Sessions. Starting Derek Fisher in his current condition is probably not the best way to compete in the playoffs. They need to shake up that roster somehow and it doesn't look like the Magic are all that interested in trading Dwight Howard at this point. I think there is a good chance that the Lakers realize this before next Thursday and swing a deal for a new starting point guard.

Atlanta Hawks -- 20%

Remember all that talk about Marvin Williams for Ramon Sessions? Well, it's still probably a possibility. Now that the Hawks are also reportedly looking to move Josh Smith, the Cavs might be able to get in on a multi-team trade. I don't think it's entirely likely, but there's still a chance that Sessions ends up in Atlanta this season.

Portland Trailblazers -- 15%

Raymond Felton has been a disaster for Portland this year. After starting the season looking like actual contenders, the Blazers as a whole have fallen off the map and are outside of the playoff picture right now. Again, this isn't all that likely, but I could see Portland as one of the teams that is interested in the services of Razor Ramon and they would have a late-ish first rounder to give up in exchange for him.

Oklahoma City Thunder -- 5%

This one is really unlikely, but with Eric Maynor out, the Thunder could use some help on their second line. Sessions would definitely make that bench unit rock solid. The only problem is that their first round pick will likely be so late that it may not be of any interest to Chris Grant and the rest of the Cavs front office. Let's call this one a long shot (and that's being generous).

Cleveland Cavaliers -- 15%

This isn't the outcome that I want to see, but we have to remember that it's still an option. If the Cavaliers can't find a deal that they think is worth it, they can just hold on to Sessions past the deadline. He's still one of the five best players on this roster. The problem is that he has a player option at the end of the year and he will probably not exercise that option to be Kyrie Irving's backup. I think it would be a waste of an asset to hold on to Ramon, but there's a slim possibility that it happens.

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