Sky's The Limit For Alonzo Gee?

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Hey everyone! This is my first post, so things may be a little shaky and I ask you to bear with me. Oh and these posts may come at weird times for a lot of you, seeing as I live in Australia. Any criticism, pointers and help is welcome and very much appreciated. Thanks guys!



ANYWAY, as pointed to by the title, this post is about Alonzo Gee, and particularly, what do you think his ceiling could be? I try to follow the Cavs as best I can, but it's a tad hard in Australia and that I'm at school whenever the games are on. In a nutshell, I really like Alonzo Gee, maybe it's partly due to the fact that he's an undrafted player that's been able to make it (even though it might be for the Cavs) or maybe that I see potential in him.

It's painfully obvious that Gee has impressive bouncability and athleticism, so he has some of the tools to be a wing. In addition, he has above average defending ability but what I'm worried about is whether he has the ability to contribute meaningfully on offense as well as his defense.

From my understanding, Gee can sort of shoot the ball but I haven't seen enough games to really judge it. I know all about the dunking and that, I've seen enough highlights to observe that side of things. Do you think Gee will need to work on his handling, or will playing next to Kyrie excuse him from needing to?

3G SMASH! (Feb 15, 2012) (via thehoopscene)

Attitude doesn't seem like much of an issue either and his work ethic is good, so I have no worries, it's just about talent and ability now.

So in conclusion, I have a couple of questions that need direct answering:

1) Will Alonzo Gee develop a good offensive set (or at least a good jumper) and will he need to work on his handle?

2) What exactly is the ceiling for Alonzo, and what sort of player (comparisons and such) do you see him developing into, if he does improve (or even regress) in his game?

Thanks heaps guys and hopefully you'll see a bit more of me around as I settle in, haha! Till next time, happy tanking Clevelanders.

An interesting article about Alonzo's origins and whatnot: "Cleveland Cavaliers' Alonzo Gee continuing a slow and steady rise in the NBA"

A "cavstheblog" post about Alonzo Gee: "Diamond in the Rough?…Alonzo Gee"

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