Free Agent Musings

So I am a regular semi-regular popular normal contributor to game threads here. I have never made a FanPost. I feel I am a good average awful Skip Bayless decent writer and I wanted to contribute. So here are some Free Agents I am interested in for the Cavs.

This is obviously supposed to be realistic. Is Deron Williams a good player? Absolutely. Any chance of him coming here? Less than zero. Roy Hibbert is a nice center. He's staying in Indy. My knowledge base on how much a FA might cost us could be way off. So feel free to bash any of my awful suggestions.

Also, for some guys it might be a formality that they return to their teams. If so, I am oblivious to it.

My list, after "the jump"

Kirk Hinrich

After some good years in Chicago, has not played well in Atlanta. Made 8 mil for a 9.2 PER. His days as a starter are probably done. For less than MLE money, would make a nice backup to Kyrie, as well as adding another shooter. Also, I think stretches with a backcourt of him and Kyrie could work.

Omar Asik

Maybe the posterboy for affordable free agents. With Boozer and Noah locked up and Gibson part of their future, how much money can they give him? Will he ask for starters money despite on 2 career starts? Does he start here and force Tigger to the bench? Will someone way overpay for him?

Rudy Fernandez

Would come in and be our best wing, and is just entering his prime. His FT% and 3pt shooting help an otherwise ghastly FG% seem more efficient. If Denver chooses to pay Javale McGee, they might not be able to afford Rudy. Also, AC would have great in-game jokes with the Rudy-ND connection.

Brandon Rush

Both he and Nate Robinson had good years in Golen State (no D...get it?). Rush either underachieved in Indy, or had a great contract year. Given that he's a wing, he could be useful.

OJ Mayo

I am sure someone will ridiculously overpay him. If not, he's intriguing.

Kwame Brown

He's been traded for Caron Butler, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bogut in his career. Sign him and let the trade offers role in.

Ray Allen

So after we draft Beal, both John and Conrad will be happy.

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