Draftwatch: Kevin Murphy and Drew Gordon

Thanks to summer I have time to do these even with a job, wife, and kid! I love summer break

Kevin Murphy- 6'6 (without shoes, 6'7 with?) 185 lb SG/SF Tennessee Tech

"There's no bad shots for him, because he can make shots ... all kinds of shots," - His head coach Steve Payne

For a second round pick, I really like Murphy if we haven't gotten a scoring 2 yet. If we trade up, it'll probably be a package of 24 and 33/34, leaving us one extra 2nd rounder. Both these guys I'm talking about today would be available there.

Kevin Murphy is a scorer. He shot 44% from the field and 41% from three while averaging 20 points a game. He does it in a variety of ways too. Anything involving him shooting, he's good at. Whether it's catch and shoot with his feet set, coming off screens, or creating his own shot, he shoots it all at the same rate, which is pretty good for a scorer. The majority of his points come off jump shots (which he can make from anywhere) but occasionally he'll take it to the hole too. He's not overly explosive but he finishes well enough when the lane is open. Some concerns have been made of struggles he had against some good teams. While this is a valid concern, he's also really the only scorer his team has, so he's much easier to key in to. At the Portsmouth Invitational he played very well and proved he can score against other seniors who could be headed to the NBA.

On defense, he's pretty good one on one but he does really well in a team concept. He channels guys to where his help will come from well and has pretty good tools to at least be an adequate defender at the next level. He could use a little more bulk, but that's not a big deal.

Overall, I could see him as a bench scorer. He'd be a distinct upgrade over Manny thanks to the diversity in shots he can make so he'll add a lot more offensively while losing nothing on the defensive end. His coaches love him and he's a great teammate too. If we get Davis or MKG with our first pick, I'd be willing to make a case for this kid if Doron Lamb's gone by the early second round.

PS- Great article on him here:

Drew Gordon- 6'9 240 lb PF New Mexico

You can never have enough size. Gordon's not a guy loaded with potential or anything but he's got a couple NBA skills that could make him a useful rotation player. Offensively, he's not very diverse. He can finish around the rim and he's got good form on his 15 footer. Good form didn't translate as made shots (27% from midrange) but he's an efficient FT shooter (75%) so the base is there. He's pretty good in the post against mid-major schools which means he'll probably only post guys up when he gets a 1 or 2 on a switch. I find it highly unlikely that he'll be known for his scoring prowess at the next level.

On the other hand, his rebounding is fantastic. He averaged 11.1 rebounds in 30 minutes. He's great at both offensive and defensive rebounding. He boxes out and pursues boards quite efficiently. He's also a pretty good defender with a bit of a mean streak. He holds his ground in the post, handles face up 4's very well, and can normally keep up with his man on the perimeter. He's not a great shot blocker and he probably won't be a defensive anchor, but he should be able to make it so you can stick him on a guy and not have to worry about him.

For the Cav's, he'd come off the bench. I'd be amazed if he wasn't an upgrade over Samuels. He can probably provide those 5 points in 15 minutes off of garbage baskets but he'll bring more rebounding and defending. He'd fill a role similar to Lou Amundson or Reggie Evans. He'll need to add a little offensively to really be effective, but he's got the potential to be a good rotation player. If we've taken 2 wings with our 1st 2 picks, I'd be alright with us taking him. If we get Davis or Moultrie, I wouldn't be. I don't think he'll be more than a good bench player, but championship teams need good bench players too

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