Draftwatch: Dion Waiters and Festus Ezeli

Finals are over! Thus, the draft becomes easier to follow

So first off...

Dion Waiters: SG 6'4 - 210 pounds.

So I really didn't start to like Waiters until recently. When I looked at more than his height. He sounds like, if we land Davis, he'd be a great option to try and pick up as our newest SG, though we'd probably have to trade up from 24 to do it. Even then, Ford says he's moving up everyone's draft boards lately. With the quantity of good 2's and 3's though, I still think he, or Rivers, or J. Lamb could drop to 20 or so.

What I like about him: Everything but his height for the most part. He's a bit undersized. I guess. Plenty of good SG's are that small though. Eric Gordon, Wade, Marcus Thornton, and Jason Terry to name a few. While he's a bit smallish, he's athletic and very explosive. Not super fast in the open court but he's got a great first step and excellent slashing ability. When he's in the lane, he's got a very good handle, one of the slickest looking spin moves I've ever seen in a highlight video that only shows his good stuff, and quite a bit of bulk. He absorbs contact well and can beat up his defender with his physicality. Sounds like he's got a bit of a mean streak too. He doesn't have the most consistent jump shot but it's pretty good. His 3 point % was 36, up from 32.9 as a freshman. While it's not what you'd like it to be, it improved and on more shots too.He doesn't force many bad shots and he's at least an adequate passer who doesn't turn the ball over a whole lot.

On the defensive end he plays in a zone. That doesn't give you the best idea of what he can do as a defender but I did some research and there's some good articles out there. According to a breakdown of the syracuse defense, he's the best perimeter defender they had by a large margin. He forced the most turnovers and allowed the fewest points of any perimeter player that played for cuse. He's a pickpocket, producing 1.8 steals in just 24 minutes. As an actual man to man defender, he's got the size and athleticism to be good as well as the aggressiveness and drive.

His ceiling is probably somewhere around Marcus Thornton but with defensive effort, which would make him far more valuable than Thornton is, and an excellent 6th man on a contending team. If we trade up for him or he somehow falls to us and we still need a SG, I'd be stoked if he landed him

Festus Ezeli: C, 6,11 - 255 lbs

There's not a whole lot I can say about him. At least in comparison to Waiters. He's the size of an NBA center. This qualifies him as a late 1st round/early 2nd round pick. Concerning his game...

Offensively, he's pretty mediocre. He's got a few post moves but he's not bad but not great with any of them really. He turns the ball over a lot and he doesn't have the best hands. He does a good job fighting for position in the post though and most of his touches came there. He's a very good catch and finish guy but he won't be creating his own offense all that much at the next level. Something to consider is that he's also a senior, though he started basketball later in life. His ceiling just isn't all that much higher than where he is now

When it comes to rebounding, he's quite mediocre. He's big and mobile, but he doesn't box out and he doesn't pursue rebounds very well. His defense overall will be what gets him drafted though. He's a very good post defender, has shown he can defend the pick and roll well, and he blocks quite a few shots. He uses his bulk and athleticism well in these areas but does have a propensity to get into foul trouble. He averaged about 3 fouls in 23 minutes for the last 2 years

Overall, he's probably worth one of our 2nd round picks. There just aren't a whole lot of C's that are gonna be available later on but if you really think about it, there aren't any scaring post up centers in the entire eastern conference. His talents would best be used against guys like Tim Duncan, Al Jefferson, or Andrew Bynum in the west. I'd be pretty meh if we drafted him. Neither upset nor excited.

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