Favorite Realistic Cavaliers Offseason

Hey guys, this is my first FanPost but I have been thinking about asking you guys this question for a while: what would your favorite (realistic) Cavs offseason look like? To keep it from getting too complicated, please don't include any trades (including draft trades) or crazy free agent signings (e.g. Roy Hibbert, Jeremy Lin, or Eric Gordon). Also make sure that the players you pick for the Cavs in the draft are realistic for the draft position (for example, Anthony Davis will NOT be available for our 34th pick). Just simply comment on your favorite combination of draft picks and and realistic free agent signings. My favorite combination would be if we did the following:

Draft Picks: (4) Harrison Barnes, (24) Andrew Nicholson, (33) Doron Lamb, (34) Darius Miller

Free Agent Signings: Alonzo Gee (resign), Omer Asik/Ian Mahinmi, Kirk Hinrich

Reasoning after the jump!

For the draft:

Harrison Barnes- Cavs fans are pretty split on the Cavaliers drafting Harrison Barnes. Many do not want him because he is not very good at creating, he has a weak first step, and he had a very underwhelming tournament performance this year. Others see him as a tall, athletic, smooth shooting small forward who usually plays very well when there is a good point guard on the floor. He also has some potential to further develop his post game and his creating skills. They also see an above-average defensive player who wouldn't be a bad pick if MKG and Brad Beal are gone (and some would actually take him over Beal depending on who you ask). I personally fall into the latter group. Maybe its because I'm a little bit biased because I live pretty close to Barnes' hometown (and Iowa isn't exactly known for developing NBA talent) and I like tall small forwards who can shoot. But I think that Barnes would be a fine selection and he would be another building block in the Cavaliers rebuild.

Andrew Nicholson- Credit goes to either David or DBrimstone (I don't remember which one) for first getting me to start liking the St. Bonnie star. Andrew Nicholson could start making an impact immediately as the first power forward off the bench to provide a scoring punch in the post that our team would sorely need with our other top post players in my senario being Tristin Thompson, Varejao, and Asik/Mahimni. You guys have probably all seen this a thousand times by now, but he has been compared to David West be scouts and I think that is a good comparison. I expect him to pan out as a poor man's David West.

Doron Lamb- I really liked him at Kentucky, and I would expect him to be our sixth man type of guard that would play 20-25 minutes at shooting guard behind Gee. I also think he could play 5-10 minutes of backup point if we need him too.

Darius Miller- Although he is very alike Barnes, being a role player at Kentucky will probably help his transition to backup small forward. I would expect him to play the role that I hoped Omri Casspi would play for us when we had just traded for him: a backup small forward who can come into the game for a few minutes, play tough defense, and knock down some three's.

For The Free Agents:

Alonzo Gee- Not much explaination needed here, he would be our starting shooting guard short-term, and our 6th or 7th man long term. He is athletic, a decent three point shooter, and a very good one-on-one defender. He is terrible at creating for himself and dribbling. The most I would pay for him would be matching the 4 year, 16 million dollar deal that the Suns might be offering him.

Asik/Mahimni- I would like either of the two, but Mahimni is the more realistic option because we probabaly won't be the only team offering Asik the max of 5 million. They are both legit 7 footers who play good defense but are very raw offensively. Either of them would be a solid signing.

Kirk Hinrich- I do not like the idea of Donald Sloan being our 2nd string point guard, so Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our 2012-2013 Veteran Leadership Player of the Year, Kirrrk Hinrich!!!

Projected Depth Chart:

pg- Irving, Hinrich

sg- Gee, Lamb

sf- Barnes, Miller

pf- Thompson, Nicholson

c- Varejao, Asik/Mahinmi

Please leave your opinions in the comments section, and sorry if I made any grammer errors, I'm 14 years old and I hate Language Arts. Thanks for reading!

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