Brandon Roy

First, let's reflect on the terrible luck of the Portland Trailblazers. Without debilitating injuries to potential stars Brandon Roy and Greg Oden, the Blazers may have been the team everyone would be talking about as the next dynasty in the NBA.

However, injuries (unfortunately) happen, some worse than others. Roy has had issues with both knees dating all the way back to his college days at Washington. He has never had a major injury, such as an ACL tear, with the most severe being a slight meniscus tear. After a few years in the NBA, the overall lack of cartilage in his knees forced Roy to take medical retirement.

Roy apparently isn't taking retirement all that fondly as he has announced that he plans to return to the NBA. Brandon is apparently feeling, and looking, pretty good and, more importantly, healthy. He allegedly underwent surgery similar to what Kobe and A-Rod had done to their knees, and both of those players have praised the success of their surgeries. Roy has been linked to the Lakers, Heat, and Mavs, among others. But I ask you, what about the Cavs?

If you are Brandon Roy, why on Earth would you want to come to Cleveland to come to play for a team not close to championship contention? Well, Cleveland may be more attractive than you think. One obvious reason is cash. The Cavs have the cap space to offer Roy more money than just about anyone else. Another encouraging fact is that Roy does not appear to have fallen victim to the "Big City" dreams. He already signed an extension with Portland, which he expressed nothing but love and admiration for, so he does not seem to have that need to do what ever he wants on the biggest stage possible.

Another possible reason the Cavs may be an intriguing option is playing time and team fit. With degenerative knees playing more than 30 minutes every night would probably not be the smartest thing. And unlike other non-playoff teams, Roy wouldn't be asked to carry such a heavy load. The Cavs have a strong backcourt to build on with Kyrie Irving, and with all indications pointing to drafting a SG (Beal maybe) sometime in the upcoming draft. This would allow Roy to come off the bench. To me, if he could be even a glimpse of what he was in Portland, Roy is the perfect guy to have coming off the bench behing Kyrie and Beal (just using him for example). Brandon's greatest strength is his playmaking and decision making. He could easily fit beside Kyrie and take over ball-handling duties if Kyrie is on the bench.

For the Cavs, this opens up their lineup. Boobie Gibson would no longer be an undersized SG. Instead Boobie could be moved to backup PG. He could play and guard point with Roy handling a majority the ball handling duties while in the game. With Gee and a possible rookie at SF as well, 3/5ths of the Cavs lineup and rotation would potentially be set for a while (4/5ths if you like TT and consider Andy a PF).

Now this obviously doesn't come without its risks, but I believe its a risk at least worth exploring. What are your thoughts?

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