Profiling: Jeremy Lamb

In my first ever Fan Post, I hope to break down one of several "ideal" prospects for the Cavs to look at with their 4th pick (assuming no trades) of the draft. Keep in mind, this is based on a lot of interwebs research and a little bit of highlight material on Jeremy Lamb, a guy who should definitely be available to the Cavs at 4.

The first thing that we always do is look at the baseline stats.

FG%: 47.8 / 3pt %: 33.6 / FT%: 81.0

PPG: 17.7 / RPG: 4.9 / APG:1.7

6'5, 185lbs

All in all, those are respectable numbers. Not overly thrilled with his FT% (would prefer a shooter to be in the mid 80's there...but we are talking about a 20 year old kid here.) Decent height and a little on the thin side for a SG.

Digging just a little bit deeper, you'll see that of his 13.4 shot attempts per game, 6.2 were 3 pointers. Taking everything into consideration, he actually hit just a hair over 60% of his 2 point shots...and this is from a guy who didn't drive to the hole a lot.

When you mix in that with the fact that he played on a Connecticut team without a true PG and two other guards who spent a lot of time looking for their own shots, the fact that he was able to able to connect at such a successful rate is even more encouraging. While I would like to see him attack more, his conversion rate as a jump shooter is a very promising combination to Kyrie's attack mode. As defenses collapse on him, Lamb is a guy who can hit the midrange shot very regularly. If I'm going to have a guy on my team labled a jump shooter, I'd prefer it be the guy who is actually a shooting guard.He's definitely not a very good creator on offense as his 1.7/2.0 AST/TO Ratio isn't ideal.

Defensively, he's got a monster wingspan (projected around 7'), which combined with his lateral quickness can make him an absolute nightmare in the passing lanes. Think like a taller Rajon Rondo. His motor (defensively) has shown to run hot and cold, but that's a coaching issue and something I think won't present near as much of a problem with Byron Scott as the coach.

The biggest issue with him seems to be his lack of strength. This is a small framed kid...and he won't likely be able to add too much weight. Fighting through screens and being posted up by some of the bigger 2-guards will be a problem for him throughout most of his career.

All in all, the more I see on this kid, the more I like. If I can't get MKG in this draft, I am starting to lean more and more towards Jeremy Lamb.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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