Reaction to the Draft and 2012 Free Agency Targets


via Dion Waiter is a Cavalier. We are all going to die.

Right. So we didn't get Beal and we didn't get MKG. Heck, we didn't even get a certain player from North Carolina that we were all waffling on. We got an undersized SG who can score like there is not tomorrow. And then we traded the rest of our draft for Tyler Zeller. Tyler Zeller, that guy that must be a clone of Mr. Average himself, Tyler Hansborough right?

Clearly this means there actually is not going to be a tomorrow, right?


via Yes, seeing you smile on the Cavaliers will make me smile too, Tyler.

Haha. No, strangely, I am feeling good about this draft. Reason number one is actually because we drafted Zeller. I think we got the best center in the draft. Perhaps someone like Drummond or Moultrie end up better because they are athletic freaks, but Zeller will be solid from day one. He won't turn into Hansborough because he is just that much better of an athlete. And all reports on him are that he is a hard worker he will likely improve on his already developed offensive game. Plus his defense will improve simply because he is a big center. Huzzah.

The only thing I am unsure about is if we paid too much for Zeller, giving up three good picks in a deep draft. But then again, as has been said many times on this site over the past months, we need great players, not solid players. So I think Chris Grant made the right call here.

The waiters pick is a harder one to digest. I don't dislike him on the Cavs, it is just that I think we could have gotten him latter if we traded down. Surely we could have talked someone into trading up for Barnes or Drummond, right? Or maybe we could have actually taken Barnes ourselves. But then again, the fact that we didn't means that Grant and gang likely knew something we didn't, right? RIGHT?

Honestly, Waiters seems to be a good fit on this team. We need scorers bad. The only scorer on this team was Kyrie, and he can't do everything by himself. And in the system that Scott has installed where the team will eventually push the speed, Waiters seems like an excellent fit. He can drive. He can shoot. He is fast. Sounds like a win to me.

That said, Waiter is undersized. He will need defensive help and will be consistently placed on the weakest offensive wing on every team the Cavs play. Not because he doesn't want to play defense, but because people will just shoot over his head. It is the sad truth. This means we need to find other long, defensively minded wings to match up with at SF and in the back court. And hey, as long as we resign him, we already have one in Alonzo Gee. Huzzah x2!

So with the draft behind me I turn my attention to the Free Agency market. I have compiled a list of players that I would not become suicidal if the Cavs signed someone from. Our targets from this list is back court depth and more Bigs. I know, we seem to have a decent amount of Bigs now, but the sad fact is that we need to trade Varejao for a future pick/player and get value for him now. He won't be around when we are actually contending for championships. If we contend for championships.

Also, a couple of notes on the list. Most of these players should come cheap. I don't want the Cavs to break the bank for anyone here, as they don't need to be destroying their cap space right now. There is only one player that I would be comfortable paying a big, long term contract to, and he happens to be number one on this list. Take a look.

Ersan Illyasova- 6'10 235lbs 25yrs PF/C

Stretch PF. Good Rebounder. Active Defender. Kind of PF every team wants. May be expensive. Also, he would be in the way of Tristan Thompson.

Alonzo Gee 6'6 219lbs 25yrs. SF

We need him back, as our new SG is going to be undersized and defensively limited. Not to mention, he just keeps getting better.

Landry Fields 6'7 215lbs 24yrs SG/SF

Hustler. Plays defense and will work for you. Needs to work on his shot. If we loose Gee, I would be happy with him in the same role.

Danny Green 6'6 210lbs 25yrs SF

Former Cavalier Bench Warmer. Developed with the Spurs under Popovich. Anyone the Pop approves of I want, because he surely knows how to play D and team ball. Plus, it seems he is an efficient scorer too.

Ryan Anderson- 6'10 240lbs 25yrs PF

Stretch PF. Shooter over Rebounder. Will probably be pricey, as most solid PF with a three stroke are…

Jeff Green- 6'8 235lbs 25yrs SF/PF

Stretch SF. Good scorer/shooter. Tall SF or Short, Fast PF. Match up Nightmare. Could come cheap, depending on his heart. That said, health is an issue. Could be a younger replacement for the "veteran leadership" of Antwan Jamison; their games are similar, but Green is much more efficient.

C.J. Miles- 6'6 222lbs 25yrs SF

Dominates Ball. 2nd Unit Spark type. I am fine with him as an alternate/backup to waiters. In the fast system Scott likes to run, he could thrive.

Jodie Meeks 6'4 208 24yrs SG

Has a three point stroke. We need shooters. Decent defender to boot.

Anthony Randolph 6'11 225lbs. 22yrs PF/C

Seems like he should be older. He is not consistent, but if that ever does show up, he will be a force. For cheap, he has potential.

Ian Mahinmi- 6'11 230lbs. 25yrs C

Good, Solid, backup Center. Could add more muscle/weight. Would make a solid rotational C on any team that doesn't have Dwight Howard.

Omer Asik- 7'0 255lbs 25yrs C

Good, Solid, backup Center. Defensive Minded Center, would pair well with an offensive or stretch PF.

Jason Thompson 6'11 250lbs 25yrs PF/C

Could be part of a solid rotation. Can rebound, not a miserable shot. Willing Defender. Not Ryan Hollins. Might be J.J. Hickson again though...

Lavoy Allen 6'9 225lbs 24yrs PF

Years. Hard Worker. Would make a solid bench piece, blue collar type PF. Won't be a star, but won't be a dud either.

Spencer Hawes 7'1 245lbs 24yrs C

He won't set the world on fire, but in the right place, with a string of better health, he can hold down the paint as a starter.

Maresse Speights 6'10 245lbs 24yrs PF/C

Doesn't suck. Could Improve. Not Ryan Hollins. I would accept him as part of a Big rotation.

Darrell Arthur 6'9 235lbs 24yrs PF

Seems like a Tristan Thompson Clone. Not a bad thing though... Health is a concern.

Baron Davis 6'3 215lbs 33yrs PG

Yes, he isn't under 25, I know. But if he is willing and the price is right, he makes an excellent mentor pg, backup for Kyrie. He got along with Byron Scott two years ago.

Well that is my two cents. Happy Free Agency Everyone! Go Cavs!

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