Shock, Anger, Denial, Realization

Shock: And with the 4th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers select: Dion Waiters

At this point I am shock and numb and no other words can describe how I feel at the point of this announcement. MKG has gone to Charlotte (didn't see that coming, great pick but didn't see it coming), Beal has gone to Wizards (saw that coming) but after that my brain was set, "Harrison Barnes" that's the only name that could possibly come out of David Sterns mouth, small chance of Andre Drummond but nope its going to be Harrison Barnes; I couldn't of been even more wrong, it was Dion Waiters.

Now I'm thinking to myself "o.k we have the sleeper pick and I've seen dude play, boy can ball", but hold on not only that but if I know Chris Grant he wouldn't take that big of a leap unless he had something up his sleeve; I'm thinking Andy and the #24 pick for Barnes, yeah that's it, he's going to trade for Barnes. To walk away from this draft with Waiters AND Barnes....WOW LET'S GO or in worst case we will move up to get Drummond. Little did I know, this Shock that turned into a little dash of hope would soon turn into Anger.

Anger: We just got word that the Dallas Mavericks have just made their last pick of Tyler Zeller for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 24th, 33rd and 34th pick.

WTF, NO REALLY WTF, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!!! Our draft night is over for Zeller, Chris Grant just gave up all those picks for Zeller? Zeller? smh What about Barnes? You mean to tell me Chris Grant was that stubborn to not trade the later picks for Beal but he does it for Zeller? WTF man!!!! Why didn't he trade Andy and all the other picks for Barnes instead, you past on an possible All-Star for a guy that will just be pretty good? Why? Why? Why?!!!!

Denial: Oh yeah Waiters is going to be D. Wade and Zeller is a very good center and he's 7'0 can't pass that up.

Oh yeah, Cavs are going to be great next year, I swear to you I dreamed last night that Chris Grant made a trade in the middle of the night and got Harrison Barnes for Andy and next year's pick. I woke up to check Fear The Sword to only be disappointed once again.

Realization: Waiters and Zeller are solid and maybe just maybe Chris Grant couldn't pull off those trades.

This is where I am right now and to be honest it's a "happy place" check this out, we LOVED BEAL and LIKED BARNES because they can shoot the lights out right. Cavs needed a shooter that could put the ball in the basket along with Kyrie. Ok out of Waiters, Beal and Barnes guess who has the highest shooting percentage of the three?

Waiters .476 Beal .445 Barnes .440 Waiters

Ok but what about Beal's 3 pt shooting, we need a guy that can shoot the three now that Anthony Parker is gone (by the way 2% milk is the best type of milk). How does Waiters match up when it comes down to 3 point shooting compared to the two guys we wanted?

Waiters .363 Beal .339 Barnes .358 Waiters Again

and just for kicks, Waiters averaged less turnovers than both, more steals than both, more assists than both, and he is more athletic than both. All of this while Waiters played 5 less minutes a game than Barnes and 10 less minutes than Beal.

As for Zeller, look he was the ACC player of the year (that means he won it over Barnes as well), he shot .553 from the field, .808 from the free throw line, let's pause here, he's a 7'0 footer that shoots 80% from the FT Line, that's better than Beal and Barnes and he got to the line more times than both of those guys. The guy clearly knows how to run the floor and is great in transition plays playing with Kendall Marshall,16.3 pts and 9.6 rebs LOVE IT.

OK so I'm SOLD on Waiters AND LOVE THE ZELLER PICK, on to Chris Grant

Look as angry as I was with Chris Grant last night, I got to think he just isn't an idiot, I see now why he didn't want to give up so much for Beal when he could wait and get Waiters whose numbers were JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER. As for not getting Barnes, maybe the rumors were just rumors and he just couldn't get Barnes, GS could've turned him down, given the backlash he HAD TO KNOW he was going to get, I'm pretty sure he tried to get another lottery pick no matter what because if he gave ALL of our remaining picks away for Zeller, I would have to think he would do the same and throw in Andy V for Barnes. If that's the case than its not his fault, plus with me calming down, taking a breath and looking at what we just got, I think he might of did a Great Job last night. Don't forget we did draft Zeller and gave up alot for him, I have to believe Andy will be gone in a trade this summer, hate to see him go but excited to see what we would get in return.

Summer League couldn't get here fast enough.

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