Blazers Trades?

So, I went over the Blazers Board (Blazers Edge) to see how their fans would feel about a Draft Trade with the Cavaliers.

Naturally, the first one I mentioned was the #4, #24 and #33 for their 6 and 11.

The initial assessment was not likely. Their fans are basically in the same boat we are in. They think the draft is deep enough that standing pat is a better option for they'll get a good player at 6. Fortunately, (so far) they haven't brought up (in seriousness) us giving up Kyrie (one guy mentioned it and then added the casual "lol" to go with it.)

The interesting thing is that one proposed counter trade (Chorebuddy) was:

Wesley Matthews + #6 plus future protected 1st rounder for #4.

It actually got my wheels spinning. We could give up the Sacramento pick (because as far as I can tell, they'll suck forever.) Matthews gives us a decent scoring SG...allowing us to grab a Perry Jones (or if he falls that far) Harrison Barnes. Lamb/Beal are both likely gone by 6 in this scenario anyways.

A starting lineup of Kyrie - Matthews - Jones/Barnes - TT - Varejao gives us plenty of offensive firepower on the wings...and we'd still have our #24 to grab a guy like Moultier/Melo.


Another fan posted this one:

2012 Picks: #4, #24, #34
2013 Pick: 1st Rounder (unprotected)
2015 Pick: 1st Rounder (unprotected)
Tristan Thompson, Luke Walton

PG: Kyrie Irving / Daniel Gibson
SG: Wesley Matthews / Manny Harris
SF: Omri Casspi / Alonzo Gee / Luke Walton
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge / Luke Harangody / Samardo Samuels,
C: Anderson Varejao / Semih Erden

That would put you 13-14 million under the cap to finish out the roster. Enough to buy at least two quality players, or one high quality starter (SF or C).

I ultimately rejected it basically saying this turned us into the Hawks.

*****************ANOTHER ONE?*******************

I want Varejao.

You can have the 6, the 11, Wesley Matthews and Shawne Williams for Varejao, the 24 and the 33. Let’s make a deal.

This one intrigued me...we'd still have the #4 and add in a #6 and #11 for Varejao (but giving up 24 and one of our 2nd rounders) I think I'd be willing to give up Wild Thing in that scenario.

Drummond, Beal/Lamb at 6, PJ3 at 11.

Kyrie - Beal/Lamb - PJ3 - Thompson - Drummonds

We'd suck next year, but that's just one more good pick.

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