Bynum in, Varejao out, Irving down and Waiters' chance

G'day guys,

So by now we've all heard the reported talks going on between the LA Lakers, Orlando Magic and our Cleveland Cavaliers regarding a blockbuster trade involving Dwight Howard. As a part of this deal the media seem to think Orlando will pick up some nice picks out of our kitty, some expiring contracts and maybe something to build around. The part where we come in is we would take on All-Star center Andrew Bynum while most probably sending Anderson Varejao to Orlando.

Whether these reports are true or not which I am very skeptical about, it has perked up many Cavs fans around the internet whom are salivating at the thought of an Irving/Bynum tandem. This would truly be a good coup by our front office if we were able to get this deal done and in my opinion we should definitely try to get this done. 7ft, 285 pound, All Star centers are a high commodity in the NBA and don't come around very often.

Roy Hibbert - Indiana Pacers - 4 year, $58mill (Portland offer sheet matched)

Tyson Chandler - New York Knicks - 4 year, $58mill

DeAndre Jordan - LA Clippers - 4 year, $43mill (Golden State offer sheet matched)

Andris Biedrins - Golden State Warriors - 6 year, $54mill

Al Jefferson - Utah Jazz - 5 year, $65mill

These are just some of the contracts I have researched of other big men who aren't of the quality of Bynum and you can bet your bottom dollar there are more throughout the NBA. Obviously signing Bynum to an extension is going to be expensive based on the numbers above, but to end up with the best center in the conference along with probably one of the top 2 young point guards in the conference will have us playoff bound for sure.

Obviously this deal will mean parting with perennial fan favourite Anderson Varejao and while this saddens me, if we were able to pull this deal off with Varejao as the centerpiece it would be a massive win. To give up an injury prone big man who while possess elite hustle skills and an elite motor he is, to put it bluntly, average at everything. Andy is a great offensive rebounder, but he's rarely put together a non injury interrupted season. Obviously Andrew Bynum's injury problems have been well documented, but in my opinion if you can swap an injury prone average big man, for an injury prone elite big man coming off a full season playing his best ball you try everything you have to, to get it done.

Moving on to the other news that broke today, our star young gun point guard Kyrie Irving has suffered a fractured hand and will be out for 6-8 weeks and thus miss the summer league. This is highly disappointing, however it does make me think of the interview with GM Chris Grant regarding why the Cavaliers selected Syracuse guard Dion Waiters with the 4th overall pick.

Grant stated Waiters was highly regarded by the organisation due to his elite scoring ability and his ability to not only make his own shot, but make shots for others. While many expected and almost hoped for Harrison Barnes to be selected the main knock on him was that he couldn't create shots for himself or for others. With Irving now out of the summer league it becomes Waiters' chance to take the reigns of the team and show all those doubters why he is rated so highly.

We all know what Kyrie can do after his amazing rookie season but we haven't had a chance to see what Waiters can do in a situation where he is a.) a starter and b.) the #1 scoring option. I believe while I was chomping at the bit to see Irving absolutely destroy some kids in the summer league, I think it'll be a great chance for Waiters to show us what he is all about.

I'd love to hear some feedback on what you guys think, will the rumoured Bynum deal get done, how expendable is Varejao and what is his true worth? Will Kyrie's injury hurt his chances of having another strong year? Is Irving going down a blessing in disguise for Dion Waiters?

So many questions that will hopefully be answered very soon! Until then all we can do is discuss, debate and bicker online!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at FearTheSword

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