Summer League Final Score: Cavaliers 94, D-League Select 88

Mar 14, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward Samardo Samuels (24) during the game against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. The Bucks defeated the Cavaliers 115-101. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

The Cavaliers bounced back to get their first Summer League victory against the D-League Select team. Led by 19 points from both Tyler Zeller and Donald Sloan, the Cavs put away the D-Leaguers with a final score of 94-88. Tristan Thompson sat this game out. He's not hurt, but Luke Harangody sat the first game and they wanted to give Gody some burn.

Cavs Leaders: Points: Zeller, Sloan, 19; Rebounds: Zeller, Samuels, 7; Assists: Waiters, 3

Quick Thoughts:

Through two games at Summer League, Tyler Zeller has been the best member of the Cavaliers. He was freakishly efficient again tonight as he scored 19 points on just 5 of 8 shooting. Much of his production came from the free throw line. He took some hard fouls, but got right back up and drained 9 of his 10 free throws. He had a couple steals and a couple blocks on the defensive end. Overall, he's just incredibly agile for a 7-footer. He moves his feet really well and it shows on both offense and defense.

Dion Waiters didn't play well. By the end of the game, he started getting going though. He hit a long jumper and had an angry dunk on a breakaway. Overall, however, he was just pretty shaky. He was getting by guys and getting to the rim, but once he got there -- he just couldn't finish. He had some layups rim in and out and he got blocked by the help defender on a couple of occasions. After the game, Byron Scott attributed Dion's struggles to conditioning. From my eyes, Dion looks to be in pretty good shape, but Byron feels as though he needs to work on it. And believe me, Byron will get him to work on it. Once he trims down a bit, he'll regain some explosiveness and be able to attack and finish better. Or at least that's the idea.

Once again, Samardo Samuels looked solid. He made some quick moves that he couldn't have possibly made last year when he was 20 pounds heavier. He gets off the floor a lot quicker and looks to have maintained a good amount of his strength. I fully expect him to make the Cavaliers roster and could be a relatively useful fourth big in the rotation.

Luke Harangody played like Luke Harangody.

Justin Holiday will make an NBA roster. I kind of hope it's the Cavs.

Donald Sloan was impressive. His handle has really improved from last season and he was knocking down shots. He hit some jumpers and finished through contract well. I maintain my stance that the Cavs don't need to sign Derek Fisher or Jonny Flynn. Sloan is just as good in the backup point guard role.

Fear The Sword's Player of the Game:

Tyler Zeller.

For every reason I stated above and then some. He just looks head and shoulders better than every big man on the floor. In the car ride home we were trying to figure out a comparison for Zeller. We couldn't come up with any good ones. But I'm really excited about how good he can be. I think we got a steal.

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