It's Been A Summer: The 'F' Family Visits Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 26: Casey Kotchman #35 of the Cleveland Indians is out at first during the fifth inning against the Detroit Tigers as the sun sets over Progressive Field on July 26, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

For the third time in my life I will be able to make it to Cleveland to catch some of my family's favorite sports team in action.

While we've basically only seen Indians games through MLB.TV for the past five years due to the rise of the internet, it was only 3-4 games per season at most before that through ESPN. Browns games have pretty much been nonexistent in our lives until we found a local Browns Backers club with two other somewhat active members just last fall.

As you can guess, since we haven't been in Cleveland since 2006, we're really looking forward to getting out to the ballpark (or if you're my brothers, going to watch the Browns practice).

After the jump I'll give you a detailed schedule of the itinerary to see if any of you will be crossing my path.

*All times are EST (boo)*

Wednesday, August 8

1:15 pm - Arrive, get rental car and find the hotel

2:30 pm - Live With or Without the H podcast from Progressive Field with a secret guest

4:00 pm - Head to the Cleveland Browns Family Night

6:00 pm - Gates open

7:00 pm - Browns practice

Thursday, August 9

Morning - Tour of Progressive Field (maybe)

Afternoon - Give Phil Taylor some magical rehab to have him ready for the opening game against the Eagles (Or, call Conrad to make sure shoulder surgery goes well?)

5:30 pm - Sample many different types of cookies made by Justin Masterson's wife

7:05 pm - Red Sox at Indians

Friday, August 10

Morning - Tour of Progressive Field if we don't do it Thursday

1:30 pm - Tour of Cleveland Browns Stadium

7:05 pm - Red Sox at Indians

Saturday, August 11

9:00 am - One of my brothers found a road race to run in a town called North Ridgeville. This would be a good place to chat if anyone is there.

Afternoon - Take in a matinee with Joe Haden, Joe Thomas, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson

6:05 pm - Red Sox at Indians

Sunday, August 12

8:00 am - Breakfast with Michael Brantley and Esmil Rogers

1:05 pm - Red Sox at Indians

7:50 pm - Departure

We're hoping to do some kind of tour with the Cavaliers or at least check out the arena if they allow. If you see yourself being at any of these events you can email me at northdakotaspurs (at) and send me your phone number so I can give you a call. I will even set up a group meeting for a bit if we have multiple people at one thing. It would be nice to know ahead of time for me who is going to be where so I can plan it out without having to play phone tag with many people.

Don't forget to toss out any ideas of places to go or things to do while we're out there. I don't really want a bunch of places to eat or anything like that because we're just going to grab food wherever we can get it instead of wasting hours looking for specific places. I haven't been to Cleveland for six years and we'll be there less than five days. We're eating and moving along.

We pretty much don't know much about the area or any special things we could check out. Windians, captain_hair24 and I hope to see some of you if we can make it work! LGT!

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