2013-14 Game recaps

Final Score: Hawks claw Cavs' eyes out, 117-98


In the biggest game of the season, the Cavs came out completely flat. The Hawks dominated from start to finish.

Final Score: Cavs defeat Raptors, 102-100


Cavs clinch another important win, no matter their playoff outcome.

Final Score: Cavs top Knicks, 106-100


The Cavaliers and Knicks were involved in a sloppy, exciting and baffling affair Sunday night.

Final Score: Thunder edge Cavs, 102-95


Both of these teams are really injured, but one of them has Kevin Durant. Hint: the Cavs don't have Kevin Durant.

Final Score: Cavs fall to Heat, 100-96


The Cavaliers put forth a hell of an effort, but it wasn't enough to topple the defending champs as Miami won 100-96.

Final score: Clippers crunch Cavs, 102-80


The Cavs tried to stop the Clippers on Sunday night. It didn't work.


Cavs vs. Clippers -- Game thread!

Cavs vs. Clippers. How about 3 in a row?

Final Score: Cavs scorch Suns, 110-101


The Cavs started a tough West Coast road trip with a win on Wednesday night.

Knicks spoil Big Z night, 107-97


The Cavs honored Zydrunas Ilgauskas tonight. Unfortunately, they couldn't deliver the victory.

Final Score: Grizzlies storm back and win 110-96


The Cavs had a big lead...but then fell apart. The Grizzlies stormed back and won 110-96.


Final Score: Raptors hip check Cavs, 99-93


The Cavs lost. Again.

Final Score: Wizards smother Cavs, 96-83


The Cavs lost another game. Ho hum.

Cavs hold off Magic, 101-93


Cavaliers win their sixth straight game

Final Score: Cavs win fifth straight, 114-85


The Cavaliers were able to carry over the momentum they had before the All Star break into the city of brotherly love and dominated the lowly Sixers.

Cavs extend streak, beat Pistons 93-89


The Cavaliers played Mike Brown basketball, and have their first 4 game winning streak since a certain Akron Native suited up for them 4 years ago (no, not Ryan Mourton)

Bennett breaks out, Cavs win 109-99 over the Kings


Anthony Bennett looked great and the Cavs won another game. What more could you want?

Final score: Cavs grind out win in OT, 91-83


It took overtime, but the Cavs took down the Grizzlies tonight for their 2nd straight win.

Final Score: Cavaliers defeat Wizards, 115-113


Let's hope firing team executives before every game is sustainable.

Lakers beat Cavs with half a team, 119-108


The Cavaliers and Lakers played a truly ridiculous basketball game.

Final score: Cavs lose once again, 124-107


We're going streaking! Wait, No this sucks!

Final score: Cavs lose again, 106-92


Another day, another loss.

Final score: Knicks embarrass Cavs 117-86


This team sucks.

Cavs forget how to play basketball, lose 99-90


The Cavs absolutely collapsed against the Phoenix Suns.

Cavs lose to shorthanded Bulls, 98-87


The Cavs are bad.

Final score: Cavs comeback falls short, 102-97


Basketball during the day is usually fun. The first half of this game sucked. The second half was fun.

Final score: Deng delivers 120-118 win


The Cavaliers and Lakers engaged in some basketball activities. It resulted in the final score. Here it is.

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