Waiters and the All-Star Game



I know the season has yet to be underway, but I'm wondering how you guys feel about Waiters making it to the All-Star Game?

They pick things a little differently now with the Backcourt players and front-court players as opposed to positional players but i think Waiters has a chance.

Lets say, like last year, they select 5 backcourt players ... I can see only three being a definitive "lock".






That leaves two spots. Rondo can make it based on popularity alone, but if the Celtics bring him back too soon he could struggle. Deron Williams can steal a spot but I think that would be difficult to do against John Wall and his rising popularity at this point. That being said, I can't see THAT many PG's making it without throwing some two-guards in there. Now let's look at the the two-guard position if there's only one spot open and they prefer another 2-man instead of another PG. (A back-court of Wall, Irving, Rose, Rondo, and me..makes little sense.)


Lou Williams, Bradley, Joe Johnson, Demar D, Victor Oladipo, Henderson, Stephenson, Butler, Mayo, Shumpert, JR Smith, Turner, Beal, and Waiters.

I think I'd give the nod to Waiters over all of those players except JR Smith (only if he starts), and the dark-horse Oladipo.

Waiters plays better than all those players and has redefined his game only his second year in the league. Beal is good source of competition as the Wall/Beal Kyrie/Waiters rivalry is about to ramp up big time in the Eastern Conference.






So what do you guys think?

If Dion averages around 19ppg 6apr 4rpg shooting 56% from the field, as I predict him to, will he be the second 2-guard behind Wade? Or will they opt for Rondo and a PG heavy All-Star rotation or go with a veteran like Joe Johnson to show Brooklyn some love?

I'd like to see this 12-man roster on the All-Star Team for the East:

  1. Rose/Irving/Wall
  2. Wade/Waiters
  3. Lebron/George
  4. Melo/Noah
  5. Lopez/Hibbert/Drummond

(Injury backups would be Horford, Rondo, and Bosh)

Chime in!!






P.S. I just LOVE that we have a 19-year old on our team in Karasev. That is not sarcasm. I LOVE the kid.

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