Cavaliers beat 76ers: The Twitter experience

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Fear The Sword's precocious twitter correspondent searches for gold, 140 characters at a time.

Well that was fun. The Cavs balled out tonight, and just about anyone who played did something awesome. However nothing could be as awesome as this:

Nothing else need be said, as this is the greatest video we will see in about a month.

Back to Cavs stuff, though. I don't have enough time to tell you how awesome today was, so take Cleveland's word for it 

To start our coverage of the Cavs, the best (and only) dude named David on our staff broke some national news 

Seriously. The Season. It's like a messed up 30 for 30 plot. "What if I told you that the Philadelphia 76ers traded their best player for a center who would never play that season? Well..... What if I told you that those same 76ers did the SAME THING THE VERY NEXT FREAKING OFFSEASON?" At that point Simmons just pops out of a cake and lights a picture of Dr. J on fire.

Cavs games are an awesome place to be. They're also a great place to take a stranger. Take Rachel, she's looking for a pal. 

Dan Gilbert is excited about the Z thing. We all are. Me especially though so Dan if you're reading this lets go get some Danny Boy's and talk about Cavs stuff over a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I got a buddy that has been rated on Angie's List as the best Dungeon Master in Northeast Ohio. Call me man. Seriously. Dan. Man. Call me. Please. 

MourtGirl is excited about Z too. She has been carrying this poster around for three weeks and we didn't even find out about the jersey retirement until today. I dunno. I'll fight the poster if I have to. Why he's pointing at her like that....



It's not all sunny though, because somewhere out there exists people that liked the 76ers before they became THIS, and presumably they will suffer through still liking them. Lucrative job offers help though: 

Well.... brother I can assure you there isn't enough PED's on this earth to make that team good.

A sight that should be familiar to Browns fans (no this tweet won't be a new Quarterback), this guy is not happy with management: 

On this slow preseason night, we leave you with an homage to what we saw tonight, and where we have been. The awesome crew at Liberty Ballers prepares their fans for the worst. I feel like we could tell them how to make their feels help better to feel the feels that the tank brings. I dunno. Godspeed, you poor souls. 

So yeah, if you watched the Cavs tonight. Good on you. If you though Ron Ron was about to murder Tyler Hansbrough and hide the body right there on the court, even better. If you've seen Dan Gilbert, or my Girlfriend around town with the freaking Z poster, call me.

Go Cavs

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