Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards, The Twitter Experience

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Back on the grind, Cavs on my mind, creeping on Cavs twitter homie, lets see what I find.

We start tonight, as most great literary works do, with a motivational poem.

Listen to the street beat
Hear the sound pound
Plug your ears
Mask your fears
Something weird is going down
So listen to the street beat
Listen to the ...
Listen or I'll kill ya
-Rafael De La Ghetto (Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

That is basically the poetic manifest of the way Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao play basketball. CANNON TO THE LEFT OF THEM.....CANNON TO THE RIGHT OF THEM.... you know.... nevermind.

As if we didn't know they were awesome already, Fear the Sword's David Zavac, the blogging equivalent of an awesome 80's power ballad to listen to with your lady posted this stat:
That sound you hear in the backround is a bunch of wolves howling "Mashed potatoes and green beans!" (yeah I watch too much TV.)

Not knowing how we roll, and how one ISOTHONY YOLOBENNET plays hoops, Bullets Forver seemed suprised when.....
Vesely missed both free throws. You come at the king, you best not miss.

The Cavs are a literal magnet for beautiful women with a positive outlook on hoops. This is why they are the best team. #ANALYSIS.

--Checks Calendar-- No. But yeah this world series is lame sauce and I too yearn for the excitement, the free t-shirt, beers, and yelling "YOUR FACE IS AN EGGPLANT GO EAT A TOMATO" at KG that only the Cavaliers home opener can provide.

Kyrie played SG tonight, but doesn't expect to going forward. BREAKING: He also likes Dion Waiters (and I play Gin Rummy with Sam Amico on the third Monday of every month. Sam, call me bro)

This happened.


So yeah, the Tristan thing is becoming a thing.

So now that we have had a night of fun and excitement, it just wouldn't be Fear The Sword without one of these 

Catch you guys in Charlotte tomorrow.

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