Preseason final score: Cleveland Cavaliers fall to Charlotte Bobcats 105-92

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason is FINALLY over, with the Cavaliers losing to the Bobcats in Charlotte. The Cavaliers open the regular season on Wednesday, hosting the Brooklyn Nets.

I fell asleep at halftime, some of the Cavs it seemed, fell asleep before the game even started. The Cavaliers trailed after the first quarter, and throughout the rest of the game. In front of a crowd of maybe 18 Bobcats fans, the Cavaliers shot 42% and finished up the preseason at 4-4. Charlotte small forward Michael Kidd Gilchrist left after 16 minutes with a strained right hamstring, his replacement Jeffrey Taylor led the Bobcats with 20 points.

Cool Stuff

- Kyrie Irving was good on both sides of the ball, with Kemba Walker and Ramon Sessions each shooting 33%, and a combined 8-24.

- Dion Waiters was back, he only played 15 minutes but he hit a few jumpers and blocked a shot

- Henry Sims. Tristan Thompson, and Anderson Varejao were again active and aggressive on the glass.

- Hey it's not just us, Charlotte boasted the best defense of the preseason, and the Cavs tonight were the first team to top 90 points against them. Fire up the moral victory machine.


Don't Call It a Comeback (because we didn't, bro)

- Anthony Bennett was trying to be active, but accrued somewhere between 4 and 40 fouls in the first 7 minutes he played. He hit two threes, but was 3-9 overall with 5 fouls and 2 turnovers.

- ZZZzzzZZzzzZZzz (The Cavs and I had a ton in common). Even for the players that played well, the energy was inconsistent, and defensive rotations left a little bit to be desired. It's the final game of preseason and a back to back so whatever I guess.

-  Earl Clark was in maximum troll mode tonight, stepping in, or refusing to step back because a 21 foot jumper is awesome. I still like Earl, I won't apologize for it, but he can be maddening at times. He was hitting though so what can I really say?

So what's next? Well, the Cavs have 5 days off and then host the Brooklyn Nets at the Q on Wednesday, October 30th. Until then, we will all be counting Tristan Thompson jumpers to fall asleep, and thinking of the different ways we can tell Kevin Garnett that we don't care for his general presence in the Q.


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