Fear the Preview: #6 Jarrett Jack

Why did I pick Jarrett Jack before those remaining?

The other option here was Anderson Varejao. Both are very good players and bring a veteran presence to the team. However, Jack is far more likely to stay healthy, and therefore is likely to have the bigger impact of the two.

What does Jarrett Jack bring to the team this year?

Consistency. Far too often last season our offense would stall as soon as Kyrie Irving came off the floor. Five, six, seven minutes would go by, yet our score would barely change. We managed to patch this problem up later in the season with a group of veterans that understood good ball movement, but that was only a short-term fix. Jarrett Jack is the long-term solution to that problem, as well as insurance that we won't completely bottom out on the off-chance that Kyrie Irving ever misses another game in his career.

What is Jarrett Jack's skill set? He's a combo guard that brings a little bit of everything to the table. He can put the ball on the floor and facilitate the offense when needed. He can shoot well enough to play the off-guard position whenever Kyrie or Dion is handling the ball. He can rack up assists while keeping turnovers at a reasonable level. He can hold his own on defense against point guards or shooting guards. Since he can back up two positions he's an ideal bench player for our playoff rotation. Basically, he's a guy that fits in wherever you need him to.

Last year, we had Donald Sloan, Jeremy Pargo & Shaun Livingston as our backup point guards. While each of them had their moments, all three of them lacked a very important NBA skill: shooting. None of them were reliable from mid-range, on 3-pointers, or even from the free throw line. Jarrett Jack, on the other hand, brings all of these skills to the table. He boasts a career 85.2% mark at the free-throw line, has one of the better mid-range games around, and managed to break 40% from long range playing next to Stephen Curry last year. Now he'll be playing with the guy that beat Curry in the 3-pt contest last year, and who just so happens to be better at ball-handling, passing, scoring at the rim, scoring in the post, and scoring from mid-range than Curry.

Here's a link to a highlight video of him dismantling the Spurs (embed was disabled). It clearly shows the wide range of skills he brings to the table, and also puts his leadership on display. Click the link, it's worth it. I'm not sure about you, but I'm definitely happy this guy is on our side now!

What is Jarrett Jack's long-term potential with the Cavaliers?

He is guaranteed for the next 3 years, with a team option for a 4th, so he isn't going anywhere for quite some time. And that is a good thing, because he is an excellent player who fits so well on our roster.

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