Tristan Thompson, Andrew Bynum crack top 100 on ESPN's NBA Rank

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN continues their countdown of the best players in the NBA. A bunch more Cavaliers were revealed this week.

Where do some of the Cleveland Cavaliers' best players rank among all players in the NBA? That's what we're looking to find out from's NBA Rank of every single player in the league. This week, several more of the Cavaliers' important players were revealed in the rankings. You can go here to see all the rankings and look at who ranked ahead of our beloved Cavs.

Anthony Bennett -- #133

Bennett is the second highest ranked rookie (only Victor Oladipo ranked higher). It's also worth pointing out that this year's voters were told to project how they think players will rank in the league this year. In the past, they were ranking the current ability of the players. That means rookies and players that they think will improve have higher ranks than in past years. Kyrie Irving was ranked at #140 before his rookie season. This subtle change in ranking comes into play further along in this article as well.

Jarrett Jack -- #115

Jack is the 6th highest ranked Cavalier on the list, which makes sense because he'll likely be coming off the bench in the 6th man role. He jumped 46 spots from last season and I still think he might be a little underrated based on what he did in Golden State last season.

Dion Waiters -- #110

Personally, I was surprised that Waiters was ranked this high. There are quite a few very solid players ranked behind him and he certainly wasn't one of the 110 best players in the NBA last year. As I said before, it comes down to projection. The voters must collectively believe that Waiters will take a big step forward. He'd have to make significant improvements to justify being ranked ahead of Jarrett Jack.

Andrew Bynum -- #100

This is a case of the ranking being wrong no matter what happens. He'll likely be much higher than this or much lower, depending on how healthy he can be. I suspect that he received a lot of 7's and 8's and a lot of 3's and 4's. Keep in mind that before last season he was ranked #13 on this same list. That's the kind of upside that we're talking about here.

Tristan Thompson -- #99

After being ranked #200 last season, Tristan took some huge steps forward and then decided to switch his shooting hand. This ranking might be factoring in a good deal of improvement, but I think he can easily outperform it. We don't really have any idea how much the hand switch will help his offense, but the potential is pretty awesome.

Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? There's only two Cavs left to be ranked: Anderson Varejao and Kyrie Irving. I've got to believe Varejao is coming soon, while we'll have to wait a while for Kyrie.

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