Cleveland Cavaliers vs Philadelpia 76ers: The Twitter Experience

The Cavs played the 76ers (TWICE!). People tweeted about it and stuff.

Credit - NBC, Pentatonix.

I didn't know that show existed until I knew that band existed, but it's cool anyway. We're using this because of Dion Waiters, the patron saint of Cavalier basketball for yours truly. Dion is awesome, and addictive, and he is also super interesting, like an a'capella group that has three singers, a dude with a super bass voice, and a beat boxer.

Awwww yeah. Things are off to an awesome star here. It's in Philly, but what could possibly go wrong?

The sad part is that I was under the impression that the game started at 7:30, so I missed the entire 1st quarter. I was off dominating fools online in GTAV and saw some tweets about Bynum getting ready to check in and was like whaaaaaaaat?

Side note: After Rockstar gave everyone who played GTA Online in October $500,000 the game has gotten even crazier. It was a bunch of people doing missions with slow cars and handguns sprinkled in between. Now everyone has a supercar or a chopper, and automatic rifles. It's insanity, and always around my apartment it seems. Sad times.

Woooooooooo blowout on the way.

Losing? The hell you talking about the Cavs aren't losing, they're


Yeah it's basically the worst.



I just posted this because it was kind of funny. Don't talk to me about freaking out about Bennett because I'll probably slap you with a sea bass instead.  I'm sure it's something that is done everywhere, but the need for instant results from our drafts picks is just exhausting.

So anyway, then we got to move on to another night of fun and excitement, again against the Sixers because home and home back-to-backs are JUST THE BEST.

Important to consider. This is what mediocrity looks like, people. decent at home, bad to decent on the road. This is the struggle that we expected.

The sentiment is right but I don't necessarily think it is crucial. So many teams get off to horrible starts. Mediocrity, yo.

This was a cool thing that happened.

This happened too. Earl Clark appears to have run afoul of Mike Brown, and is now eating potato chips or something.

Ah goooood. A halftime lead, and again, it's the Sixers, what could possibly go wrong?

Some Dion Waiters Tweets


/kind of nodding


aaaaaaaand maybe not that much nodding happening here.

Although, running it through him some was effective. Dion, Kyrie, and Jack all took turns initiating the offense, and all were on the receiving end of awesome plays. The 3 guard lineup was dope. Dion with 2 shooters can basically go to the rim whenever he gets bored {Editor's note: WHICH SHOULD BE ALL THE TIME. ATTACK THE RIM, DION.}

I legitimately hate whoever asked this question. "Uh.... should we stop experimenting with that #4 pick after like, uh.... 75 games?" Yeah, awesome, makes a whole lot of sense.

So basically Dion is awesome and you can nitpick to someone else.

Did I mention that this game went TWO overtimes?

Just sayin....

Hint: It didn't happen.

It really didn't.

Everyone was super excited.

Well..... 2 people.

Apparently if the game goes into another OT Conrad has to go retrieve mediocre liquor for people of legal drinking age. Ha!

And then..... it happened. Kyrie FINALLY ended this thing.

That was something people actually WERE excited about.

Well.... most of them.

We play the Bulls on Monday. Derrick Rose is shooting like 10% and Joakim Noah is as good a candidate as ever for getting slapped with a bag of doorknobs. I hope we beat em by 100.

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