If __________ is the second best Cavalier, it gives us the best chance to win....

The point of this is to create discussion. Clearly Kyrie Irving is the best Cavalier and will continue to be so for the forseeable future (AKA through possible this upcoming summer).

Meanwhile, for this season, I want to know what everythinks about the second best Cav. I think this position offers up a lot of debate. So in the 'replies' answer the following questions:

1. Right now, who is the second best overall player on the Cavaliers team?

2. For the Cavs to get the highest seed in the playoffs and go furthest, who needs to step up and be the second best player on the team?

Here are my answers:

1. Right now the second best player on the team is Tristan Thompson. That excites me a lot as two years ago telling people TT would be the second best player would probably mean the rest of the team was abymsal. Right now, though, he has been extremely consistent and productive in a number of ways. He's also playing on my fantasy team and has been one of my best playesr so that's a nice bonus. The dude has scored, rebounded, blocked, and most importantly is shooting over 75% from the FT stripe. That statistic alone is jaw dropping - how many players in the history of the NBA have increased their FT% by around 20 percent in two years? Somebody with more free time than me should look that up because I imagine its a short list.

2. While TT has been great, I think for us to really succeed the second best player on our team needs to be Dion Waiters. We can get by with Bynum being a big (literally) spark off the bench. We will do okay with TT being the second best player on the team. But if Dion steps it up and starts performing like GOOD or GREAT Dion every night, then that's a ridiculously scary backcourt and team. The thought of that makes me salivate. A consistently great Dion matched with a consistently elite Kyrie is more swagger than I can handle right now. With us having two starting bigs who can somewaht consistently hit a mid-range jumper than opens up so many lanes and spaces for Dion and Kyrie to be very versatile offensive players. If Dion steps into that (and steps into less awful fadeaways) then this team will perform at its best.

Wht do you think?!?!?!?!

SIDEBAR: When making the Poll answers I named all 14 non-Kyrie Cavs off of the top of my head except one.... And that one was Tyler Zeller. That may or may not be vindicative of how he's been playing. (Don't read into that too much, I like the kid!)

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