Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Charlotte Bobcats: The Twitter experience

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween was Thursday, but today we embrace the horror. The Cavaliers lost to the Bobcats and it was a gory experience. Huddled in the proverbial corner on twitter, we all felt depressed together.

82-0 seemed so close, so attainable. For one night, there wasn't a single team with less losses in the NBA. There was not a single team that had managed to hand the Cleveland Cavaliers a loss. Unfortunately that would all change. It kind of felt like pizza. You know, you have a pizza, you love a pizza, and you eat all but a couple pieces of the pizza? Then wouldn't you know it, you eat the meager leftovers the next day and it just leaves you wanting what you had before. Victory. Clutch plays. Fun. The loss of some or all of those left me with a hole in my heart, so we are listening to James Blunt.

Alright, so now we set off on our fabulous adventure, and we handle the pressing questions first:

This is actually something I'd like to know. Bynum kind of acts like a dick on the court, so I could imagine him thinking Angelica was cool. Noone thought Angelica was cool.

This was said before the game. It makes you think Young Swaggy Mumbles was about to have a great game. This did NOT happen. At all. Even close to at all. This is why we listen to the James Blunt.

Tristan Thompson did awesome stuff and continued to be generally awesome. (Video Included). Which is cool. No wait, it's really cool. Hopefully this means I never have to hear about Jonas Valanciunas again because honestly, every time some mook pops up to talk about players we should've drafted part of me dies a slow painful death.

You heard the man. Please don't make it quick.

This guy pays super close attention, so he is understandably very effected.

What I assume is a real question.

So i had just done a twitter search for Cavs, looking for more content for this half written article. HE REFERENCED THE SONG I USED HOORAY.

Someone tell this guy from the company I've never heard of that makes the movies I didn't know existed that his jokes are AWESOME.

There were, obviously, quite a few more tweets with quite a bit more vitriol, but I don't want that to be what this is about.  So, since we need to end this thing on a positive note, we'll catch up with our good friend Ricky Davis

If it were 2010, I'd be all for bringing my man back (I do have his jersey after all) but as James Norrington said in Pirates of the Carribean: "Our fates have been entwined, Elizabeth, but never joined."

We play the Pacers tonight. I think we might actually play a little better, with a little more focus. I dunno.

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