Which of these most responsible for Cavs struggles?

I created this account specifically to vent my frustrations with the Cavs. Someone please comfort me, I cant take this anymore! There appears to be so many problems that it is hard to pinpoint one issue, while also making it tough to create some sense of hope things will work itself out. At this point, I honestly am to the point where I believe it would be more beneficial to continue losing games to get a top pick in this years talented draft. Honestly, why would we even want to make the playoffs? Sure it is good to stop a losing culture while gaining playoff experience, but with the looks of the roster, this doesnt look to be anything close to our "core". Kyrie Irving, TT, Sergey and AB(hopefully) are the only realistic pieces to our future puzzle. I have several reasons I believe the Cavs are so bad, and talent is not one of the issues because there is much talent.

a) MIKE BROWN: I like the man, I really do. He seems like a really nice, geeky guy. Mike Brown the coach, I despise. I will admit when he was hired, I felt uneasy because I felt as if we were going backwards and that he was so horrible in LA with all that talent that he didnt change anything since leaving CLE (in the end, he may go down as "the coach who couldnt even win one with two of the g.o.a.t in Kobe and Lebron"). The main issue with him is his ability to maximize his talent, but another issue I have with him is his inability to develop his younger players. Im not blaming all of their struggles on him, but he has a major part in it. Anthony Bennett has looked so lost, indeed. But Mike just piles on him when he doesnt let him play through his mistakes, i.m.o. Look at his previous younger players, Danny Green and J.J. Hickson. Mike didnt let them play through their mistakes, and the fanbase trashed them for being lost and struggling much during their rookie years. Then, when they went to coaches who let them develp and gave confidence, they flourished. Another big issue I have with Brown is his rotations. He consistently takes players out of the game after 4-6 minute stretches, which doesnt allow a player or a unit to get comfortable enough to show consistency. Even Kyrie at times will come out with about 4 mins in the first q, and not see the floor again until about 7 mins in the second quarter. Then the 3 guard line-up,which has proven to be one of our worst lineups. His offense is so inept, its not even funny. After the first option fails, its ISOYOLO, and part of that is on the players but part is on having no direction from coach. My last issue is his changing of the lineup every other game. I understand experiementing to find a good lineup, but again consistency is affected when every other game there is a new lineup to adjust to. Also, I dont know if its just me, but it seems as if every single player from last year (except CJ Miles) has regressed. One or two players is understandable, but when the entire returning cast regresses that clearly has something more to do than just adjusting to new players/system.

b) Kyrie Irving Struggles: At first , I chalked this up to new system, new players, more emphasis on distribution, and Mike Brown. However, the more and more I watch Kyrie this year compared to last year, I see a difference in his game. He is not shooting the ball with the same consistency, because even last year after the All-Star break he was beginning to regress, culminating with that game where Norris Cole stripped him. Kyrie is the least of my worries, but it does concern me a bit because not only is his shooting off, but his whole game in general seems slightly off. He sometimes gets out of control while handling the ball, which is something he never did his first year and a half. He was viewed as "under controlfor his age" by NBA analysts, and he has lost many handles which is extremely rare for him no matter the pressure. Also, he is not finishing at the rim which is one of his strongest attributes. His other quality was how efficient he was last couple years, but this year every game he seems to have 7-18 or 10-24 type lines. I believe that some of his struggles can be blamed on poor floor spacing/no real P-N-R threat. Bynum doesnt roll or pop, TT can roll but cant finish other than his floater. Andy is a decent partner, but the defense is more than content with having Andy take the shot than Kyrie. So, the defense is trapping him every single time he runs a P-N-R. Also, since TT, Bynum and Andy cannot keep the defense honest, they just overload on Kyrie or clog the paint making it much tougher to finish around 2 or 3 bodies (1 or 2 being your own teammate). I truly hope Kyrie gets off the struggle because I still believe he has top 10 player potential.

c) Andrew Bynum: Although a small part of the problem, he is a contributing factor to the struggle. In the beginning of the season, he was thrown into the rotation and now that he is a starter, it seems as if the team is trying too hard to establish him.I notice every start is trying to force feed him the ball, only to either turn it over attempting the poor entry pass or Bynum missing the bunny shot due to declined skill/touch. Dont get me wrong, the man is a huge body but he is just that and nothing else to this point. He doesnt protect the rim unless someone drives directly at him because he cant provide help defense. He is so slow on defense, especially during rotations, that it maks it basically a 5-on-4 as long as the other center brings him away from the basket. On pick and rolls, he is abysmal. He saga so far off the pick that the guard has a free lane to drive, a pull-up j, or a simple pass to the big man to roll or pop. Bynum just makes matters worse, and I honestly think the Cavs will release him soon.

d) No defined role/no real identity: What kind of team are we? I watch every pre-season/regular season game and I have no idea. We have many young players, yet we dont run at ALL. We literally walk the ball up the court, we never get any easy buckets. We have bigs galore, yet we dont score much in the paint. Our identity was supposed to be defensive, yet we are far from defensive team. Also, other than Kyrie as star/closer, we have no defined roles. There are no starters roles as every other game there are different starters. The sixth man changes every game, one day its Jarrett next day its Dion. I just dont know what is going on with this team.

e) Selfishness: It could be possible that the current mix of players are just not a great fit. The guards are all better suited to score rather than dish, and that means that when all 3 are in together, they launch shots in fear that they may not get the ball again for a few possessions. I believe Jarrett Jack was a bad signing, and now that he's struggled and he's considered overpaid around the league, it makes it tough to try and trade him even to a contender in need of a backup.

f) Effort: Sure, we know that effort is not something that could be taught, but I wish these players would at least continue to compete. I would even be fine with losing close,exciting games. But these 30 point losses, especially to teams we should beat, is unacceptable.

g) Our roster is bad: I refuse to believe our roster is as bad as it appears, but maybe it really is this bad. Maybe the roster is just not as talented as we all were hyped and lead to believe.

My final thoughts are that I dont know what the problem is, but I have a belief that it is a combination of a and f. I would rather us continue to lose and just try to score a high draft pick in this years draft, and hope that CG will not try to outsmart the whole league and just pick the best player/best fit. Not saying he missed, but honestly with all these high lottery picks (3 in the top 3 picks) we should at least have another potential star next to Kyrie and I just dont see it at the moment. And whats worse is that everyone is playing so bad, that the only player with trade value is probably Andy, and even his value has dropped. Before the year, we were labeled as the team most equipped to make a major trade. Now, we'd be lucky to even get equal value for any of our players. So, there is my venting moment, I hope you all feel my pain through your screen. It hurts. Which do you think is most responsible for the struggles?

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