Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Minnesota Timberwolves: The Twitter Experience

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs finally got back on track with a win over the Timberwolves at the Q tonight. I cooked a fat stack of Ramen Noodles and checked out twitter for someone that could loan me an extra packet of "chicken flavor".

Ah yes back to win column. We told this afternoon to chalk this one up, and the honorable Cleveland Cavaliers came through for you.

Artist - Motion City Soundtrack - Epitaph Records

Honestly, though, it may kill me. The Cavs, a work in progress, beat a pretty good team. They held them to 36% shooting. They of course made it interesting, but who cares? A win is a win is a win. The season is about winning 40-plus games, and pulling out an ugly one in game 4 doesnt' bother me one bit. In game 80 if you even remember this game, I'd be impressed {Editor's note: I will remember. I remember everything.}

While the rest of Cavs twitter was freaking out, the Swag King Dan Gilbert let you know (after the game) that it was never in doubt. Dan is awesome, and should call me. Dan. DAN CALL ME PLEASE.

This game was fun though, really fun. Flip Saunders was impressed.

All was (temporarily) quiet on the Mike Brown front.

Yeah dawg, we love the theater.

Earl Clark did stuff. Then he got fouls. HE DID STUFF THOUGH.

Yeah, this is a thing.

Get on our level, confused NBA fans.

But bruh.... they never lost the lead.....

All we do. Is win. Win. Win. No matter what.

Really tho.

I have feelings about this. Bad feelings.


Just gonna keep sprinkling these in here.

See this girl gets it. I want to be your friend Shelby.

Original and hilarious!

There was an ill-tempered amount of fun. It was madly in fun. It was fun though.

Stay useful, Chris Palmer!

Then there were some tweets about Anthony Bennett and it was a bummer.

YEAH! (just to throw in some happiness and stuff)

Alright, cool. Finally done with the Bennett tweets. Kid is gonna be awesome, he probably just needs time like tons of rookies do.

Wait, I thought no one was going to....

But I was told that....

No no no you said that no one would....



So yeah.... The Cavs won, and I love Anthony Bennett. As always I will irrationally argue either of the points to the bitter end, and you can't stop me. We play the Bucks next, and I think the Bucks are wack. Brandon Knight has a hamstring injury, so they are starting Nate Wolters.

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