CJ Miles has a conversation with Mike Brown

Summer of 2013: The day after the Cavs pick up CJ Miles' option for the '13/14 season.

Location: Coach Brown's office

CJ Knocks at the open door

CJ: Hey coach, just wanted to say how glad I am to still be a Cav, can't wait to help the team win this year.

Coach Brown looks up from a stack of game photos with bleary eyes.

MB: I'm sorry son, who are you?

CJ: Masfresco coach.

Coach Brown pulls a roster from the bottom of a stack of papers and scans it muttering:

MB: Sorry son, I don't see your name here, is Masfresco your last name, or is it "Mas Fresco"?

CJ: Sorry coach, my real name is Miles, CJ MIles, but I go by Masfresco because my shooting stroke is "most fresh".

MB: Shooting? Son we don't discuss offense in this office. Offense is for sissies, we play defense in this town now.

CJ: Defense, whats that coach?

MB: Defense son! Its the whole game of basketball! How do you play basketball without defense?

CJ: I don't know coach, I never heard of this defense stuff, could you tell me about it? Basketball is fun, maybe this defense thing is fun to.

MB: Hmmm, you know when you see the ball in a guys hands and you take it from them?

CJ: Yeah coach, I do that all the time, I see a guy with the ball and I grab it from him and I shoot. If it goes in the guy I took the ball from gets an assist! Is that defense coach? I love defense!

MB: I'm sorry CJ, I have a terrible pounding in my ears all of a sudden. What do you do after you shoot the ball CJ?

CJ: Oh I take a short break and jog to the end of the court to keep loose, and I try to decide if my next shot should be a 2 or a 3 ball. That's a hard choice, is that defense coach?

Coach Brown takes off his glasses and closes his eyes while rubbing his temples with his fingers. He rubs harder and harder as if trying to wake up from a bad dream. The he stops.

MB: CJ when you shoot the ball do guys try to get in your way sometimes?

Miles' eyes light up with recognition

CJ: Yeah coach! I don't get it, why do they do that?

MB: They are playing defense on you CJ, when you play defense you do that to them when they have the ball.

CJ: Really coach? That is defense? I need to think about that.

Miles drops his head into his chest and closes his eyes, trying to imaging himself jumping without the ball, lunging for a steal, rotating for a block.

CJ: Coach, I got it!. If we play the defense then we get the ball back and we get to shoot more! Is that right coach?

MB: That's right CJ, the more defense you play the more you get to shoot.

CJ: Defense is great coach! We should do that a lot, and then I can shoot a lot, right coach?

MB: CJ you can shoot as much as you want if you play good defense.

Miles Jumps up, eyes wide:

CJ: Defensa! Defensa! Masdefensa!

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