Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic: The Twitter Experience

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The first rule of Dion Waiters Fight Club: Don't talk about Dion Waiters Fight Club. Especially if you're Andrew Nicholson.

The Cavs played the Magic tonight and won. That was cool. I fell asleep well before the game and woke up with 2 minutes or so left in the fourth. That wasn't cool. Little did I know that I was about to witness Dion Waiters invite Andrew Nicholson to check himself, lest he wreck himself.

Some theme music please:

In all seriousness, Nicholson did one of the more bush league things you will see. Wide open under the hoop and up 6 (or 8 maybe?) Anderson Varejao simply laid the ball in. It wasn't an emphatic dunk, or anything that would show up and opponent. Nicholson, a 24 year old forward, came in from behind Varejao as he landed and shoved him to the ground, then made some sort of motion to teammate Nicola Vucevic as if he had been wronged somehow.

Basically, Dion kind of went nuts, went after Nicholson, and was held back. Nicholson had that Hansbrough face when Dion came up on him, and probably for good reason. Which leads us to our next exercise, trades that could get the Cavs the bar-fightinest team in the NBA.

Dion is obviously in. Bynum is definitely in. Alonzo Gee could probably hold down a bench spot on the team. Dellavadova grew up fighting Wild Carnivorous Animals the size of most NBA players, so he can be in. Kyrie SHOULD be out, the obvious reason being because he went to Duke, but he's good, and if we get enough brawlers they'll cover for him. Tristan Thompson has shown some potential is skirmishes with various NBA players, so he can be in.

The only players that probably HAVE to be moved in this case are Tyler Zeller and Sergey Karasev. Trading them for Kenyon Martin and Metta World Peace would bring in valuable assets. A deal of Anderson Varejao for Kendrick Perkins would add great value as well. Moving CJ Miles, Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark, and Anthony Bennett to the Grizzlies for Zach Randolph and Tony Allen is a no brainer.

The Final Roster:

G - Kyrie Irving

G - Dion Waiters

F - Metta World Peace

F - Zach Randolph

C - Kendrick Perkins

B: Andrew Bynum, Tony Allen, Kenyon Martin, Tristan Thompson, Matthew Dellavadova, Carrick Felix, Henry Sims.

A brawling masterpiece, sure to be the most physical team in the NBA. They might lose some games, but when they're beating up nerds like Russell Westrbook to take all the money in his Kaleidoscope Shirt Fund, it will all be worth it.  (I love Russ tho)

Other stuff happened in the game too though.

Kyrie crossed over Oladipo a bunch. I saw one on the replay, Kyrie faked to his right and crossed so hard going left that OIadipo fell backwards onto the man coming to set a pick towards Kyrie's right. I can't find video of it though :/

The Cavs won too. And they are ignoring loud noises.

I would assume this is actually in reference to all the silly Dion Waiters trade talk, or people freaking out about locker room meetings, or the record, or Anthony Bennett. I dunno, the swag king Dan Gilbert sometimes confuses.

Truly a good night for the Cavs. Now, we play Miami. The Cavs are riding a 3 game winning streak ( A REAL LIFE WINNING STREAK!) but the odds of it getting to four don't look to hot:

Not too hot at all......

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