Which young Cavs player would you want Anthony Bennett to workout with this offseason?


Travel the world getting buckets, doing intense ball handling drills and shooting off the dribble, getting in a bunch of photo opps, helping get AB’s Twitter/Vine game back up to par, doing a new Uncle Drew commercial where AB actually dresses up as Tony Bennett and sings, "I Left my Heart in Toronto" to the crowd after a glorious streetball dunk fest, finally learning how to ball out or play terrible and have the exact same post game interview, this might be a little too soon for Anthony.


Go back to South Phili, Rocky 3 style, Shooting over the fat guy with the broom, doing crazy speed rope drills in a dingy gym basement, going on 30 mile bike rides, footwork drills to the Rocky theme, 3 AM workouts after an evening of Madden, have a crazy pool party where the cops get called, learn intensity, how to protect your teammates, and how to play angry, eventually outrunning Dion on the beach and celebrate a little bit too much in the ocean together, this may be my choice.


Head back to his roots in Toronto, Tristan takes Anthony back to the mean streets to scare him straight, they do rebounding drills and shoot free throws all day, TT slowly integrates Bennett into #LaFamilia, going suit shopping for his new and improved body, Anthony teaches Tristan to dunk with one hand, finally working his way up to do windsprints with LeBron and KD on a football field after an intense conditioning and jump shooting practice, this would be impressive.




Go to Russia, find all the equipment left over from Rocky 4 and train with Sergey’s Dad, run around a track at full speed dribbling, and dunk after each lap, get injected with steroids, drink Vodka, lift weights, and shoot spot up threes, the Russian scientists do readings and tests on how his body fat percentage is improving and how hard he is boxing poor Sergey out in the post, culminating with Sergey’s Father being seriously injured as Anthony lifts him up by his throat and screams… "I PLAY TO WIN, FOR ME!! FOR ME!!!" Hopefully AB would come back like this...

I must break you (via czabanista)

I am not a good writer but I thought this was a fun idea, and I may have enjoyed the Rocky Series too much.

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